Monday, 8 July 2013

Raped Stepdaughter


 Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors’ demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors—both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.
 In RAPED STEPDAUGHTER, Melissa Hughes finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive by her new stepfather, degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.
 Melissa Hughes suffers through an unspeakably horrific experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.

 "Ummm, you know just the right things to do to make me feel good," Melissa whispered in her boyfriend’s ear.
 Grant snuggled a bit closer, his hand exploring the satiny skin of the eighteen-year-old’s body. The slightly domed belly rapidly gave way to the furry pussy mound. His fingers laced through the soft, wet strands, promising the girl more than he was delivering.

 "Go on. Run your fingers all the way. I want to feel them! Really feel them moving inside me."
 He pretended ignorance and said, "What is it
 you want? Tell me." He wanted to hear her say it. "Your fingers, silly. I want you to finger fuck me. Go on and cram your fingers into my tight little cunt."
 "Like this?"
 "Ummm, oh God, yes! YES! That’s it!"
 She writhed around on the bed, impaled by his middle finger. As he wiggled it deep in her twat, she thought she was going to come. The feelings building up in her trim, well-proportioned young body told her he was going to get her off soon. Very soon.
 "You’re so wet," the youth mumbled. "I never felt a chick who got so wet in the crotch from just a little feeling around."
 "I want more from you, Grant. I want this!" She squeezed down hard on his prick. He jumped but she kept her hand firmly around his cock. Now that she held it, she wasn’t going to let go. He was all hers—his cock was hers, too!
 "Watch it. You’re hurting me. Felt like you were going to rip my pecker right off."
 "I wouldn’t do that.. . unless you made me."
 "Christ! How could I ever make you do a God-awful thing like that?"
 "By not giving it to me. Up the cunt. By not fucking me hard and fast and all night."
 “Suck my cock.” The thought of taking that big cock of his into her mouth and sucking him off appealed to her.
 She really wanted him to fuck her. The horniness had been building up inside until she felt like a pressure cooker without a safety valve.
 To have his cock fucking hard and deep up her cunt would be the release from the sexual tensions she needed. But tasting his cock, feeling it dance around in her mouth, would be almost as good.
 "Come closer," she ordered. "I want to get that prick all the way into my mouth."
 She heard his excited gasp. He eagerly scrambled up and squatted over her face, his cock bouncing just inches away from her lips. She licked her lips once, then again, at the sight. It renewed the hollow feeling in her cunt. She wanted his prick stuffed all the way up her cunt. The girl wanted this prick fucking her.
 But the teenaged boy wasn’t having any of it tonight. Ever since her cherry had been popped the year before, she’d needed more and more sex to stay sane. Without cock and lots of it, she would have been driven out of her mind with lust.
 "Closer. Bend closer so I can .. . ummmm! Good!"
 He groaned as her tongue licked along the underside of his prick. She ate him just like she would a Popsicle. The male taste thrilled her tongue, made her breath come faster. She reached out and pulled the cock to her lips to sample it properly.
 She took the plume tipped end into her mouth
 and sucked. She was rewarded with another heart-felt groan from the boy. She ran her tongue around the thick hood cresting his cock. The glans was soon glistening with her saliva. Working down the sides of his prick, she came to the dangling bag holding his precious balls.

 Her tongue flicked out and gently touched the hairy sac. Her tongue looped around the loose sac and pulled it into her mouth. There, she used her tongue to tease and torment the trapped balls. She felt them begin to tumble and chum in sexual arousal. She was really turning the teenager on in a big way.
 This thought made her cunt begin to water even more. She was soon drooling out her fuck fluids in a steady stream down the inside of her satiny thigh. Rubbing her legs together helped a little, but not much. She so desperately wanted a cock fucking her!
 She doubled her sucking efforts on his prick. If she couldn’t get his cock up her cunt, she’d make the best of it in her mouth.
 "God, watch it! You’re sucking my guts out the end of my dick!"
 Her lips formed a perfect seal around the end of his prick. Sucking as hard as she could caused her cheeks to go hollow under the strain. When she began using her tongue to roughly stroke across the sensitive glans, she thought the youth was going to come.
 Backing away, she told him, "Hang on, far God’s sake. Don’t come yet!"
 "I’m trying, damn your sucking mouth, I’m trying! It’s just that you’re too fuckin’ good at this!"
 She smiled and planted a wet, sloppy kiss on the end of his prick. She lightly nipped at the skin up and down the length of his cock. The man’s long fuck stick was soon pulsing with a life it had never known before. She didn’t neglect a single spot.
 Licking here, sucking there, nipping and lightly biting, she gave his cock the best she could. When his hips began a mindless thrusting, she knew it wasn’t going to be long before he erupted a fiery tide of jism.
 She didn’t want to miss a single pearly drop of his tasty cum. Her mouth fastened like an eel on the end of his prick. The girl’s tongue swirled and rolled constantly over his glans. She stroked and fondled until she felt his prick tense up. Pressing her tongue into the very end of his cock, she felt the pin-prick hole beginning to expand.
 He was about ready to come.
 "Stop right now," she said. "I want to enjoy your cock some more. Don’t you dare come in my mouth!"
 "C-can’t help it!" he stuttered. "You’re so good at sucking cock, you’re pulling my jizz right out of my balls."
 She went back to licking, hopeful that the youth
 had regained a little of his control. She hadn’t realized he was as horny as she was. A little more begging and cajoling, and she would have been able to get him to fuck her. But it was too late now. She already had his prick firmly clamped in her mouth. She’d finish what she’d started.
 Her agile tongue found the tiny triangular flap of skin dangling under his cockhead. She teased it for a moment, then tried to cram her tongue down the hole in the center of his prick. It wasn’t possible. They both knew it, but it gave them both intense pleasure.
 "Go on, dammit. Suck on me good!"
 His hips began spasmodically jabbing toward her face. She felt his cock jerking into her mouth in the beginnings of a face fucking. Rapidly moving, she swallowed his entire prick.
 This surprised him immensely. He felt the rubbery tip of his cock bounce off the roof of her mouth, then go sailing down into her throat. Pulling back, the tightness around the very tip of his cock vanished, but the insane desire to fuck hell out of her face remained. He couldn’t help himself. His hips slammed forward and his cock rammed back into the girl’s throat.

 She was ready for him. She felt the tensing of his muscles, reveled in the thought she was the one driving him wild with lust. His desire for her had reached an animal level. He’d do anything to cram his prick into her face.
 Her lips curved into an "O" shape as she moved her head back and forth along the length of his cock. She matched his every convulsive move. Her mouth was tormenting his prick.
 She felt the huge cock begin to swell. Larger, ever larger it grew as more and more excited blood pounded into it.
 Then the cock erupted. She tasted his white cum. She smeared it all over her tongue in an effort to get the most out of this she could. The salty taste pleased her. This was the essence of man. She sucked and licked and swallowed.
 She wanted more.
 Her lips tightened into a hard ring around his cock. She milked his balls dry of every single drop of cum she could get.
 Even then, she wasn’t satisfied. She continued sucking on his prick until it began to go limp between her lips.
 When it had collapsed into a tired, flaccid penis, she gave it one last, sorrowful kiss. She’d wished there had been more. The empty, itchy feeling deep in her cunt was worse than ever.
 "God, I never felt a mouth work on me the way yours did. That was super, Melissa. I loved the hell out of it." Grant was bubbling over with his enthusiasm so much that Melissa wondered if a chick had ever given him a blowjob before. She doubted it.
 "I’m glad you liked it. But. . could you return the favor?"
 "Huh? You mean you want me to eat you out?" "Yeah. My poor little cunny’s so lonesome. And it doesn’t want one of your goddamn fingers in it." Grant realized how much this chick wanted to
 ball. And he’d gone and shot his wad! If only he’d had a little more smarts and to hell with the idea he’d knock her up. She’d said it was all right. She should know, after all.
 And she was hot to trot.
 "You really want me to eat you out?" he repeated.
 "Yes, damn you, yes! YES!"
 He smiled a little. He liked seeing her green eyes flare with anger. And the way she tossed her head sent cascades of raven black hair swirling around her shoulders like tiny dyers of dark water.
 In the dim light of the girl’s bedroom, he could see her twin mounds of titflesh rising and falling as she breathed heavily. He licked his lips at the sight. He’d known she was turned on, but he hadn’t known how much. The way her nipples had hardened, darkened, into ripe berries just waiting to be popped into his mouth told him the story.
 Without another word, he buried his face in between the luscious mountains of her jugs. He felt the soft, warm flesh banging at his ears. He ignored such distractions as he licked back and forth in the deep canyon. He tasted her salty sweat. It made him even more eager to work lower, past her pussy mound between her cunt lips and into her flowing twat.
 But he held back. He mustn’t let her think he was too eager. Besides, he hadn’t many chances to really sample a chick’s knockers. He moved slowly

 up the pulsing, warm-fleshed cone, licking and leaving a trail of saliva behind. It glistened in the dim light and marked the path back down for him to follow later.
 When he topped the tit, he found the slightly bumpy plain of her aureole. And jutting from the center of that coppery disk was her nipple. It was hard and throbbingly alive. He licked across it and was immediately rewarded by the girl’s low moan of pleasure.
 "Ummm, oh Grant, that’s sending fire into my chest! I can feel that tongue of yours all the way down into my cunt! Hurry, damn you, hurry!"
 He had no intention of doing any such thing. He sucked the nipple into his mouth. Lips closing on the hard marble of erectile flesh, he sucked for all he was worth. He literally pulled her up and off the bed. She shoved her chest out in a vain attempt to get him to stuff the entire tit into his mouth.
 His tongue pressed the pebble of her nipple down into the marshmallowy soft titflesh. She groaned louder. This spurred, him on. His tongue raced across the sensitive nipple again and again, giving her the tongue lashing of her young life.
 "Go on, give it to me good! My tits feel like they’re going to explode! God, what you’re doing to me!”
 He could feel her heart beating excitedly as his tongue was shoved hard into her nipple. He decided to keep her strung out sexually.
 Reluctantly abandoning her left tit, he slid down the snowy white slope. When he got to the broad base of her boob, he circled entirely around it with his rough, wet, probing tongue. She was moaning loudly now, her chest heaving up and down.
 He did want to cram that entire mound of titflesh into his mouth and suck on it. Knowing it wouldn’t fit and not being able to stand the frustration of it, he decided to move on.
 The teenager’s wet tongue left behind a damp path across the girl’s belly all the way to her navel. He pawed at the deep depression to send his tongue out and downward. He swirled around a couple times to let her know he was approaching her snatch.
 "All the way down! Go on and suck on my clit! Stuff your tongue into your cunt! Don’t bother with my belly button! Oh, Christ, it’s tearing me apart!"
 His mouth had reached the tangled mat of her pussy fur. He sucked up a tiny spire of her pubic hair and left it standing, wet and pointy. It amused him seeing how his tongue nabbing into her bush turned her on. Even more than his tongue, however, his breath gusting holly into her sensitive flesh made her come completely alive.
 She felt his tongue pressing firmly down into her bush. And then, slowly, as if he meant to torture her, he worked down to her cunt lips. At the top of the vee was her clit.
 He tongued it a few times and sent lightning bolts
 of fiery sensation ripping into her belly. Never had she experienced such an intense feeling. This was nothing like diddling herself. The stud’s tongue was driving her wild with desire.
 "Do it to me! I want you to tongue fuck me!"
 She felt his nose burrow into her pussy mound. He began rooting around like a hog at a slop trough. His tongue was slowly licking up and down the bristly pussy lips. Each light touch was electric. She began writhing around, wanting more, unable to get it.
 The girl was totally at the mercy of her boyfriend’s tongue.
 "More! Don’t tease me! Suck on my pussy lips. Do more! MORE!”

 His mouth fastened over her sex lips, then he sucked one of the turgid pink flaps between his own lips. He carefully ran his rough, wet tongue along the edge. The sensations building in the girl’s body threatened to push her over the brink of orgasm at any instant.
 Her hips were restless. She shoved her snatch toward the boy’s mouth in an attempt to get him to really tongue fuck hen She wanted him to eat her out good. Nothing less would satisfy her soaring desires.
 "I think I missed something. Your clit is just begging for my kiss."
 "Damn you!" she moaned. "Stop talking and use your mouth for better things. I don’t...
 ohhhhhh, ummmm, oh!"
 Her back arched and her well-rounded ass came off the bed as he brushed over her clitoris. He pulled the entire spire into his mouth and sucked as hard as he could.
 She felt an icy knife digging into her guts. Then that icicle turned burning hot. She was quaking inside. Her cunt was seething, churning, desiring more than it was getting. She had to have his tongue in her. Nothing less would do.
 He worked around her clit, then carefully traced its outline with only the tip of his tongue. Not satisfied, he sucked a little more. The acrid taste of her cunt juices reached him strongly for the first time. The teenager loved the taste. It was about the most intoxicating drink he’d ever tried. No booze could get him as drunk as this fine fuck juice trickling out of the girl’s twat.
 He couldn’t get enough of the salty, tangy juice. His tongue lashed out and stroked fervently all over her clit. The girl was being driven out of her mind with lust. He barely noticed. All he could do was fulfill his own desires.
 "I’m coming apart! It... it feels like my whole body is shaking apart! Oh, sweet Jesus, ram that tongue into me!"
 She knew the instant he left her clit and worked down her pussy lips from that erectile nubbin of flesh. His tongue was just inside her labia. The tickly feeling mounted. Soon, it was an unbearable
 itch deep inside her twat. ...
 When his tongue plunged deep into her cunt hole, she came. Her entire world ruptured at the seams. The top of her head felt like it was flying into space.
 "D-do it to me again. That was super!" she managed to mutter when she came down from her sexual high. Looking down the length of her body, she could see only the top of the teenager’s head. His nose was buried inter bush and his tongue was rapidly driving in and out of her cunt. He was tongue fucking her to another climax. She could feel the tell-tale tingles inside her pussy.
 She found it harder and harder to breathe. Each time she inhaled, liquid tire filled her lungs. And throughout her belly, melted butter warmly spread. She was being filled with longing, with need, with such intense passions she could barely contain them.
 His tongue was swirling around inside her twat like a berserk tornado. Each deft touch pushed her a little closer to another come. She felt her soft, juiced up inner cunt walls spread out under his tongue. He took care to make sure each and every fold inside her velvet-hung cunt was pressed flat and thoroughly stimulated.
 Her legs drifted farther apart in wanton invitation. She wanted him to slam his tongue all the way up her cunt. It felt like a small prick fucking her. She wanted more. She was becoming a

 greedy bitch. Nothing less than all-out tongue fucking would do.
 "Faster! Give me that cock-hard tongue of yours all the way!"
 "Goddamn, it feels like it’s coming put by the roots now!" he complained. But he applied himself even more to his task. Burying his face in her snatch, he was able to warm his tongue even deeper into her seething hot cunt.
 He could feel the convulsions as she came again. Her tiny cunt became even smaller and crushed down on his tongue. He gasped for air. What would it be like if he’d actually fucked her with his cock? She was so damned tiny up the pussy, she would have broken his prick off at the roots.
 For a moment, he was deaf and blind. Her soft, satiny thighs clamped firmly on each side of his head. His ears were useless, pressed into her flesh. And up close like this, he couldn’t see much.
 He didn’t have to. His sense of feel told him everything he needed to know. And his tastebuds were working overtime. The thick fuck fluids oozing from her cunt drenched his tongue. The all-woman flavor stimulated him. He actually felt his prick rising again.
 Eating her out was giving him a hard-on! He didn’t believe it was possible to get it up again so quick after coming, but he was learning how erotic this hot foxy chick was. She could give a boner to a statue.
 What chance did a flesh and blood guy have?
 "Don’t stop!" she begged. "More, MORE!"
 He gave her more. His tongue slipped free of her cunt and he quickly lapped up the tiny droplets of cunt juice beading on her pussy lips. Then he slipped down the vee of her gash and sought her asshole. He had to slide his fingers under her body and lift.
 As her ass came off the bed, he sighted the tightly puckered ring of her anus. His tongue, still coated with her love juices, shot out and pressed into the ring of muscle.
 She groaned, then reached down and grabbed under her knees to hold her legs up for him. She wanted to let him drive that spike of his tongue all the way up into her bowels.
 He’d felt damned good drilling hard and wet into her cunt. His tongue wasn’t long enough, though, to really satisfy her. He knew all the tricks but they just weren’t enough.
 The promise of his tongue working far up into her bowels excited her. This was so damned kinky it made her hot just thinking about. And when she felt his tongue worrying open the hard-held sphincter muscle, she almost came.
 "God, I don’t believe this! Give me that tongue of yours all the way up my asshole! Give it to me good!"
 His nose was pressed into her flowing gash. He inhaled and sniffed her female odors. That made
 his head spin. He didn’t know how he’d started on this perverted tongue fucking in the first place. And now he was trying to shove his tongue all the way up her asshole.
 He couldn’t sort it all out in his head. Something had gone wrong. He’d hoped she’d put out, sure, but he hadn’t expected anything like this!
 His tongue finally convinced the tight muscle to open up. With a sudden surge, his tongue was racing up her asshole.
 If she’d been hot and tight in the cunt, her ass was even hotter. And the way her flesh clung and grabbed at his tongue, he was certain she could tense up a little and rip his tongue out by the roots.

 The only defense he had was to tongue fuck her as fast and hard as he could. His tongue began moving faster and faster in her asshole. The tiny ring of muscle felt like a hangman’s noose as it tightened on him, but still he kept flicking.
 "The heat! Your tongue is burning me up.”
 The words spurred him on. His tongue flew. He drilled deep up her asshole. Wiggling around every time he was buried all the way up her ass, he felt her flesh begin to ripple with excitement. He was reaching her. He was giving her the thrill of her young life.
 "I can’t take it! My guts are on fire! I’m coming!"
 She screeched like a banshee and began
 thrashing around on the bed. He was hard pressed to hang onto her. He didn’t want to let his tongue slip free of its hot, sexy berth.
 "How are you doing that to me?" she demanded. "Everything is spinning around. I-I. . . aaaaaieeeee!" She came again.
 "You’re a tasty bitch," he said.
 "And look at what I’ve got back!"
 He straightened in the bed so that the dim light would show off his hard-on.
 Her eyes gleamed. A pink tipped tongue came out and made a slow circuit around her lips. Tits rose and fell faster. The thought of having that lovely prick fucking her was almost too much to bear.
 Then they heard the front door opening, keys clicking, heels coming down the ball.
 "Christ, it’s my mother! You’ve got to get out of here, Grant. If she finds you . .”
 But the teen was already slipping into his jeans. He was out the bedroom window just seconds before Melissa’s mother, Sara, came in to check on her daughter.
 The girl pretended to be asleep, which was good enough for Sara. She closed the door again and went back toward the living room.
 All Melissa could do was lie there and sob out her frustration.
 The girl couldn’t stand the aching feeling deep inside her any longer. Lying in the bed, thinking of how close she’d come to relieving that goddamn horniness that had plagued her for so long, Melissa was miserable. She finally decided to sneak out to the kitchen and find something to eat.
 Anything was better than dreaming about how good it would have been getting fucked by Grant’s long, hard prick.
 Rubbing her crotch and seeing it was still damp, she sighed. Life was such a damned crock of slit at times. And it was always her mother who managed
 to deprive her of the things she wanted.
 Melissa opened her bedroom door a crack and peered out. The lights were still on in the living room, but the house was silent. On tiptoes, she went into the kitchen. The living room and entire rear of the house was empty. She idly fixed herself a sandwich and munched on it.
 Somehow, the food didn’t settle her stomach. If anything, it made her even more nervous.
 "Damn," she said to herself. "I came so close!" The tears threatened to well up in her eyes again.

 As she started back for her bedroom, she heard muffled voices coming from her mother’s bedroom. The tell-tale squeaking of the bedsprings told her that. her mother was getting the very thing she’d kept her daughter from that night..
 She was getting balled.
 Rage filled Melissa. She turned and stormed out the back door into the yard. In the cool night air, she shivered a little, but she couldn’t tell if it was simply physical reaction to the coolness or anger.
 She pulled the thin nightgown around her lush, ripe body and began walking. The dew-laden grass was damp and soothing under her bare feet. The rush of cars just a few feet away in the street was ignored. She became totally negligent and let the wind whip her nightie around her.
 It fluttered open, a pink halo surrounding her snowy white body. She impudently thrust out her tits and felt the night breeze caressing her. The
 wind whirled through her moist bush, cooling her off. The wind was almost a living thing. For a brief ecstasy-filled moment, she imagined herself being fucked by some airy creature, it’s powerful cock driving all the way up to touch her cunt, to relieve that most basic of inner needs.
 Then she sighed. It wasn’t going to happen. Even exposing her body the way she was, no one was even likely to stop his car, jump out and come help a poor teenaged girl out of her dilemma. She wanted to fuck and there was no one handy. Grant was probably long gone.
 Only the vague moans from her mother’s bedroom window could be heard. More from curiosity than perversity, Melissa walked aver to the open window. Peering inside, however, gave her a real thrill.
 Jonathon, her mother’s current lover, was poised on his knees between Sara’s wide-spread legs. Her mother was wantonly exposing her cunt to the mm’s long prick. And what a prick!
 The girl gasped when she saw it. Long, easily nine inches, it bounced and jerked ugly red in the dim light. The plum-tipped end looked like it would be too large even to shove into her mouth.
 To have that pussy pleaser fucking her! The girl shivered again, this time from dreamy anticipation.
 She could hear the man saying, "What is it you want? Tell me."
 "Your cock, Jon. I want that huge cock of yours
 fucking me."
 Melissa saw her mother lick dried lips. The woman’s breath was coming in sharp, rasping pants. Her tits rose and fell faster and faster as she eyed with lust that huge cock.
 "Where do you want this?" He held his cock like a stick and waved it at her.
 "Up my cunt, you lousy bastard. I love you! And I love that prick of yours. You’re too damned good with it and you know it. That’s what makes you so goddamned uppity."
 "Uppity? I know what I am. And I know what you are, bitch. So you want my cock, huh? Okay, here it is!"
 Melissa jumped as much as her mother did when the mighty prick was shoved balls deep into the yearning cunt. The girl felt her own twat beginning to drool obscenely again.
 To have that powerful cock fucking her! She would have given just about anything she had for that. But she wasn’t likely to have her wish. The teenager would have to be content with watching.
 Not even knowing what she was doing, she edged closer to the house. She leaned against the rough wood, her hand drifting lower toward her own naked

 snatch. A hand rubbed across her juicy cunt lips. When she succeeded in stuffing a finger into her pussy, only then was she aware of what she was doing.
 She couldn’t masturbate while she watched this
 well-hung stud fuck her own mother! That was sick.
 She couldn’t help herself. Denied sexual release herself, she had to get her rocks off someway. And the way that guy was hung! She loved watching him move, fuck, pose, posture. He was like a Greek god.
 "Feels big inside your cunt, doesn’t it? What’s it like when I really fuck you good?"
 His hips began sliding back and forth like a piston in a slot. The spying girl sucked in her breath and tried to imitate the motion of her own finger fucking her cunt with that of the man fucking her mother. It wasn’t quite the same.
 She heard her mother say, "God, I can’t stand it! That’s a goddamn telephone pole you’ve stuck in my twat. Ooooooh, ride me, ride me hard! Haaaaard!"
 "Anything you want," he almost sneered. Resting an his hands, he looked down into the woman’s face and began driving his long, hard prick in and out of her yielding cunt even faster.
 The girl imagined what the friction of his cock against soft, juicy pussy walls would be like. The warmth would spread like wildfire. Hidden nerves would scream in joy. His cock would touch here, there, all the right spots in her excited cunt.
 He was a master cocksman. A real stud. He knew how to fuck a woman.
 Her mother was going wild with sexual frenzy.
 Her hips bucked and hunched up to meet every inward stroke of his prick. She was trying to jam her snatch down around his cock to get him a fraction of an inch deeper up her pussy.
 The peeping daughter knew what the woman felt. That deep-seated itch had to be scratched. And the only way of doing it was a good fucking. She’d have to have that prick sinking deep, stirring around inside, then slowly pulling out. Nothing less than the best flicking ever would satisfy her.
 She heard the lewd noises of the two fucking inside. The harsh, moist sounds of his cock surging into her cunt were drowned out, by the woman’s gasps and soft moans. For a long while, he would stay buried balls deep in her cunt. His hips would rotate, stirring his cock around against her pussy walls.
 Then he would retreat. His cock made such a tight seal against the cunt walls, a vacuum was formed. The sound when his cock slipped almost free of her clinging twat was obscene. And the girl loved it!
 How she wished that it was her being the recipient of that tremendous flicking.
 "Tell me what you like about my cock," he urged.
 "Your cock?" Melissa’s mother said dreamily. "Ummmm, so biiig inside me. It’s stirring me up. God, it’s huge! Fuck me, fuck me gooooood!"
 "Stupid bitch. All you think about is getting laid.
 Okay, then, I’ll burn this into your brain."
 He started fucking her with short, rapid strokes designed to set her cunt on fire. It worked. The woman’s hips went wild. Her gasps turned into shrieks as she came.
 "Never felt that before. God, you’re a stud, Jon darling. Do it to me again."

 "Sex hungry bitch," he said, smiling. His body now glistened with the thin sheen of sweat. Melissa watched as he drilled his cock repeatedly into the gaping cunt of his mother. How she envied the woman. To have traded places for just a moment!
 She added an extra finger up her juicy cunt. It didn’t do much to satisfy her needs. The girl began stroking over her clit as she spied on the two fucking their brains out in the bedroom.
 The tiny jolts of excitement that passed through her body soon became larger and larger. It was as if she were being stabbed with a cold knife that turned a blazing white-hot in her belly.
 She found the meek little clit poking its head out from the sheath of flesh around it. She looped her finger around the slippery little spire and stroked from base to tip. Each time she touched the very end of the pointy nubbin, she sobbed.
 Her knees were going weak from reaction. But she couldn’t just slip down against the house. She had to see what was happening inside.
 The man was drilling as hard as he could into the wet, softly yielding cunt spread wantonly wide for
 "I’m burning up inside, Jon dear! I don’t know how you’re doing it, ummmmm, oooooh! OOOOOOH!"
 She came again.
 The sight of her rigid face and her writhing body increased the carnal yearning in the spying girl. Her fingers flew up and down her own clit in a vain attempt to imitate what was happening in the bedroom. While the feelings in her body mounted, she was feeling more and more cheated.
 It simply wasn’t the same as having a man’s long, steely hard cock fucking her. Not the same at all!
 How she wanted to leap through that window and spread herself for that stud. His huge cock would be enough to satisfy two women. Hell, the way he was fucking, he might be able to get a dozen chicks off before he came. He looked like a fucking machine.
 His body was running with sweat now. His face was frozen into a smile both evil and sexy at the same time.
 Melissa felt herself wilting inside. That guy was hung like a stallion and flicked like a rabbit. He was tireless. He’d got her mother off twice and was working hard on a third time.
 The girl began squeezing and stroking over her labia. The oily cunt lips were rigid with the excited blood pounding into them. She stroked and tweaked them the best she could. The only thing
 missing was a round hard cock driving up into her cunt.
 She let out a piteous little moan, then bit her lip. It wouldn’t do to let them know she was peeping. Not that any tiny noise was likely to be heard. They were too wrapped up in fucking to notice anything like that.
 The teenager rammed three fingers into her tight cunt. She felt her young muscles tighten around her hand. She wished she could have rammed her entire fist up into her cunt. Maybe that would relieve the intense sexual pressures in her young, nubile body.
 She blinked sweat from her eyes and heard the man saying, "My cock feels like it’s gonna pop. You got me off with that hot, tiiiight cunt of yours, baby."
 "Fuck me," he mother moaned over and over, "fuck me, fuck meeee!"

 "Here it comet All of it right up your cunt. My jizz, my steamy jizz is, God . . . oh, shiiiiit!"
 He arched his back and slammed his prick hard into her body. The spying girl could see the man grinding his crotch into her mother’s. Their bushes mingled until she couldn’t tell which was whose.
 And the man came.
 From her position outside the house, it looked like a big one. His face went rigid and his body began to go berserk. His hips blurred, they were fucking so fast.
 The girl’s fingers worked in and out of her pussy as fast as she could drive them. Her hand was getting cramped but she ignored it. Her cunt needed this attention. Desperately.
 She watched as the fucking couple rocked through another come, then she closed her eyes and imagined the man crouching between her split legs, his cock dancing around. Then it plunged deep into her, dipping in and out until she was pushed over the brink of orgasm.
 Her head buzzed and the world spun around her. Then Melissa was panting, the cool wind drying the sweat from her well-formed, womanly body. She knew it wasn’t the best come possible, but it helped take the edge off her gnawing sexual needs.
 Her fingers weren’t close to being a cock, but they’d have to do—for the time being.
 At breakfast the next morning, Melissa was surprised to see Jonathan sitting there like he was one of the family.
 "So this is your daughter, huh, Sam? When you said girl, I thought you meant six or seven. Hell, this one’s a woman." His eyes tagged over her bulging tits until Melissa could almost feel the gaze unbuttoning her blouse.
 She self-consciously buttoned the two top buttons, but was acutely aware of her nipples poking impudently against the thin fabric of her blouse. The tiny mushrooms seemed an open
 invitation to the man’s openly sexual look.
 "Tits of a woman, slim waist of a girl, but hell and damnation, those hips look like winners. And that ass, baby, you got one hell of a fine tush, there.
 "Thanks," Melissa said, dryly.
 "You know what they say. The bigger the cushion, the better the pushin’. I bet you’re a real hellion in the sack."
 "Jon, please. She’s only eighteen," said Sara, putting a plate of scrambled eggs in front of Jon.
 "Eighteen? Hell, I bet she’s no virgin. The way these kids are today, fucking in school by the time they’re bleedin’ and all."
 "Melissa’s a good girl."
 He leered at the girl and made her even more self-conscious. How could this man who was so good in bed turn out to be such a sex-crazed bastard? It was obvious he’d fuck anything that didn’t run away fast enough.
 "Yeah, I bet she’s real good." Only Melissa could hear him add under his breath, "At fucking!"
 Melissa was confused at the way she felt. The night before she’d been fantasizing what it would be like to feel this stud’s huge prick driving fast and furious into her cunt. Now, she didn’t know if she’d really like that or not.

 He seemed to be such a smug bastard. True, the need she felt was tearing her apart inside. But she
 would be able to get Grant to fuck her,
 "Yeah, a real choice piece of ass, if I do say so myself," Jon was saying, a smirk running across his lips. His eyes were as bold as ever. Melissa decided she didn’t like him.
 "I’ve got to go to school." She pushed her plate away and went to get her books.
 In the kitchen, she heard her mother talking to Jon. "You shouldn’t say things like that to her."
 "Hell. She’s a woman. Look at that ass! Face it, Sara, she’s grown up. Damn, but has she!”
 "Jon, really."
 "What the hell’s the difference to you if I like the way your daughter looks? You know the old saying. I don’t care where you get your appetite as long as you eat at home. Hell, honey, I got an appetite from looking at her. And my appetite’s all for you!"
 Sara laughed, then said, "Jon, no! Not here in the kitchen! Your hand! You’re driving me wild!"
 "Good. And that wet snatch of yours tells me you want to fuck. Don’t you?" he demanded.
 "Ummm, your hand does feel good on my leg. And other places."
 Melissa had come back from her room, books carelessly dangling from her hand. She hesitated when she heard the noises coming from the kitchen. She knew what that sex-crazed beast was doing.
 Shouting out, "See you later!" she opened and closed the front door but didn’t go out. Something inside her told her she had to watch what was happening.
 It was probably gross, outrageous, obscene. And she didn’t want to miss a single second of the action!
 Hating herself, yet not able to stop, she inched toward the kitchen and peered around the corner. There on the breakfast table, Jon had her mother pinned down and was avidly kissing her. His hands were stroking up and down her still-clothed body. But the way he was ripping and tearing, she wouldn’t have much on for long.
 "Don’t do it, Jon. Please! My clothes!"
 “Fuck your clothes! I want to fuck you!"
 His fingers slipped under the woman’s shirttail and went upward with animal strength. The cloth ripped and he cast aside her tattered blouse. He managed to get her bra off without tearing it. The snaps were easy for him to unfasten.
 Melissa watched in wide-eyed horror as her mother allowed this beast to virtually rape her. She seemed to enjoy it!
 "Make me feel good, Jon. Good all over. Ooooooh, my poor aunt is aching to have your biiiiig cock fill it to overflowing!"
 "God, woman, you get me so damned hot I can barely stand it. Those luscious tits of yours! Hell, they’re riper than your daughter’s. Mature, you know.
 Lemme taste ‘em!"
 He buried his face between the woman’s boobs. His pink tongue flickered out and began dragging up and down the deep canyon. Her tits banged hard into

 the sides of his head. Her entire body was shaking, causing the jugs to flop around. He took the beating and actually seemed to enjoy it.
 "Tasty, damn, but your tits are good!"
 He licked around the base of her left tit, then slowly spiraled his way up, licking and sampling the tender titflesh. His saliva left a glistening trail behind. He was marking his territory well.
 When he got to the top of the snow-white boob, he took the cherry-red nipple into his mouth. With the hard button sucked in between his lips, he began running his tongue back and forth across it.
 The woman began twitching on the table, her lust driving her crazy. She tried thrusting her chest upward in an attempt to get her entire boob into the eager mouth. He wouldn’t have any of it. He was eating her tit the way he wanted and she’d have to be satisfied with that.
 Melissa felt her young boobs beginning to hun. She was glad she didn’t bother to wear a bra. The way they were pumping full of excited blood, she was certain they would have exploded from their cloth prisons by now. As it was, they were like blimps.
 She uncomfortably touched one nipple and groaned in reaction. She hadn’t realized she was
 this turned on by what she was witnessing in the kitchen. She’d seen this man fuck her mother the night before. That had been something new, something daringly dangerous. Now it was old stuff to her.
 Or was it? The thrill hadn’t gone. She was getting hotter and hotter watching them get ready to really fuck hell out of back other.
 She took the turgid nipple of her left tit between her thumb and forefinger. Rolling it in a tiny circle, she felt the lance of bliss jab down into her chest. Her breathing was coming harder. The air felt like sandpaper in her throat.
 The girl was being aroused by the perverted spying!
 She hated herself for it. She hated peeping on her mother and her lover. Most of all, she hated to admit she was turned on by the sight of that man.
 He was a real son of a bitch. She could easily hate him. But the sight of that fucking tool of his made her all weak and watery in the knees. How she wanted that prick shoved balls deep in her cunt! How she wanted him to fuck the living hell out of her!
 Fondling her tit she watched the hot and heavy action going on in the kitchen. He was gently nipping away at the tender flesh of the woman’s right boob.
 "God, I’m on fire, Jon darling. I don’t know how you do it! You’re making me all quivery
 inside. Stuff that lovely cock of yours into me!"
 "Soon, baby, soon. I’m not going to leave this for anything, not even your gooey cunt—not yet, at any rate!"
 His mouth. fastened firmly on the tip of her jug. Opening his mouth, he began sucking her nipple into his mouth. As more and more of her tit worked in, his teeth started leaving fierce red tracks on the slopes of her tit. His jaws were open and straining so hard, the muscles began to crack.
 He failed in his attempt to get her entire boob into his mouth. He did succeed in getting the woman so hot she wasn’t able to talk coherently any more. All that came from her lips were groans of sheer pleasure. She wanted to fuck, nothing more.

 His fingers slipped under the belt of her skirt. He yanked. The woman shrieked in pain. He tugged again, harder this time. The skirt ripped free of her hips. He jerked it savagely off her.
 Clad only in panties now, the woman sprawled on the table, her eyes bright with fear and anticipation.
 "Wh-why did you do that? It hurt!”
 "Yeah, I guess it did," he said, his eyes never leaving the red welt forming around her waist. "I’ll make it better."
 He started licking across her satiny flesh. He followed the path of the angry welt he’d raised by pulling off her skirt. She moaned softly and
 relaxed. He was making it better. He was licking away the pain.
 He stoked his tongue across one hip, past her pelvis and onto her gently domed belly. She stayed in good shape for a woman of her age. That turned him on even more. He hated to see a flabby chick.
 His tongue shoved forcefully down into her belly, then found the deep well of her navel. He swirled his tongue round in there until she was shivering with excitement.
 Each time she jerked in response to his teasing tongue, the spying girl moaned softly. Biting down on her full lower lip b rely helped. She wanted to cry out. She didn’t dare.
 If she spoiled her mother’s action now, the woman would surely punish her for it. And the girl hated to admit she was giving in to such base desires. Spying on people fucking was something only the government aid. It was wrong. She knew it and couldn’t stop herself.
 Her hands were fully occupied now with her tits. The nipples were hard and pointy, red with lust. She wanted to feel a man’s hands working on her tits and knew it wasn’t going to happen. The teenager would have to pleasure herself.
 Stroking down her body, she ran her hand under the band of her jeans. Fingers laced through her but the crinkly hair was already damp from sweat—and a little lower, she was damp from lust. Her cunt was drooling out its juices.
 She had to abandon her tit to unsnap her jeans. That let her probing hand work even lower. The instant the cloth gave way, her hand shot down along her gash.
 The thick oils of her inner lubricants gushed out. She ran her fingers back and forth along her cunt lips until her hand was entirely coated with her fuck fluids.
 How she wished for a man’s cock!
 Even that bastard fucking her mother, even him! To have that long, iron-hard cock between her legs would be paradise. To have a man fucking her was the only way she’d ever be able to still the inner longing she felt.
 A woman needed a man’s cock. She needed that prick in the worst way possible. And all she could do was spy on her mother getting screwed.
 "Ooooh, Jon, the way your mouth feels so wet and hot on my belly! Go lower. Go down on me all the way! To my snatch! Let me feel your mouth on my cunt!"
 "Pushy bitch, aren’t you? I’ll do what I want, when I want. It just so happens, that’s what I want to do to you. Spread ‘em wider!"
 Her legs drifted until her panties were pulled taut across the crotch. She started to say something about the white cotton panties, but didn’t get the chance.. In the same manner he’d used on her skirt, he took care of that thin undergarment.

 He ripped them off and she screamed in pain again. He didn’t seem to notice. Seeing her widely gaping cunt open to him, he licked his lips in anticipation. The brown fur covering her pussy mound was matted with her juices. And the pink, turgid lips of her cunt mouth were covered with short, bristly hairs.
 From her vantage point in the doorway, Melissa could see her mother’s cunt clearly The pink lips appeared to be grinning lewdly. She were almost begging for a man’s cock.
 The spying girl could see the thick juices running out of that slash and down onto the table. Her mother was hot, very hot. She wanted to fuck. The drooling cunt told the whole story.
 "God, what a lovely snatch!"
 "Eat it! Eat me out! I want your mouth on my twat!"
 The man bent over, his mouth starting at the woman’s belly button. His licking, pink, tongue contrasted sharply with her white flesh. The teenager was able to watch the progress as he worked his way through the tangled bush and then down to the top of the vee of her mother’s cunt lips.
 There, poking up. .curiously, was the slimy looking clit. The little nubbin was drenched with cunt juices. The man sucked obscenely and pulled the tiny spire that was the center of the woman’s pleasure into his mouth.
 The woman’s hips bucked up as she tried to lick and suck on her clit. The action drove her wild with lust. She couldn’t control her actions any longer.
 She came, screeching like a banshee.
 "AAAAAIEEEE! Oooooh, sweet Jesus, I never, oooooh, I . .. aaaaieeee!"
 Come after come assaulted her. The man kept her strung out sexually with only his sucking mouth and licking tongue.
 The teenager was sobbing quietly now. Her cunt had her middle finger jammed into it. She was getting a thrill out of it but she couldn’t tell if it was from watching or her on manual attentions.
 Running her finger over her slippery clitoris sent lightning bolts of delight smashing into her loins. And when the finger invaded her twat, she almost came.
 It wasn’t enough to really get her off. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine she was the one with her legs spread wide, the man’s mouth working eagerly all over her snatch. To have that tongue probing up and down between the firm pink cunt lip, would be exciting.
 She ran her fingers along the gash a few times, then plunged her middle finger back into her cunt. Then she began stroking over the wet, soft cunt walls. The tight tunnel of her twat stretched just a little under her finger fucking. Not much but enough.
 Still, it wasn’t the same as having a man’s tongue inside her cunt. She opened her eyes and saw the man’s mouth firmly clumped over the hairy crotch. He was making noises so gross she couldn’t believe any human could be responsible. The man was an animal in heat.
 Why couldn’t she be the one he was eating out!
 "Y-your tongue! It’s in me! God almighty, I feel it wiggling around in my cunt! But your cock! Gimme your sweet fucking cock!
 He lifted his head, lips frothy with her fuck fluids. "You want the big guy up there, huh? You want to feel my prick ripping you apart all the way to the chin?"
 "Yes, damn you, yes! Let me feel your cock pounding inside my cunt!"
 "You got it, babe, you got it!"

 The peeping girl’s heart almost stopped when she saw that ugly red cock slip free from the man’s fly. The long pole danced in front of his crotch, eager to bury itself in soft, juicy pussy.
 The purple head was bigger than it had looked the night before. It was huge! She imagined that splitting apart her cunt lips, stretching her pussy to the breaking point. She’d scream in agony and the agony would melt into pleasure. And the pleasure would soar to ecstasy!
 That cock!
 The man quickly moved between the woman’s
 legs and pushed his prick firmly into her seething hot twat.
 "Aaaieeeee! It’s good! Now use it! USE IT!"
 His lips levered forward. His fuck stick vanished from sight between the woman’s pink, blood engorged pussy lips. He grunted once as his balls banged against the woman’s ass. He was finally all the way up her cunt!
 His body exploded in a frenzy of activity. He suddenly couldn’t control himself any longer. The tightness of her cunt was making him want to blow his wad like a teenager getting his first piece of ass.
 Ramming hard and deep into the woman’s twat, he was carried away into a sexual wonderland. Her cunt flesh clung and gripped at his cock. The steamy hot juices dribbling from her cunt were quickly burned away by his friction-causing cock.
 He grunted, harsh and deep as he came. His prick exploded out a steady stream of jism into the woman’s hungry manhole.
 Melissa, watching from the doorway, knew exactly what was going on. To have that cock spewing forth it’s creamy load into her cunt! That would be the closest thing to heaven on earth she could get.
 But no, all she had up her cunt was a single finger. She kept finger-fucking herself as furiously as possible. The feelings seemed weak, pitiful, in comparison to those wracking the woman on the table. Still, it was better than nothing.
 Melissa was pacing the floor, waiting for Grant to come over. She’d made the date with him during lunch. She barely remembered what she’d said. But there was one thing—he’d seemed to be really hot for her bod now. No more of those silly fears he’d knock her up.
 That lit her fire. She wanted his prick so badly she almost raped him right there in the cafeteria. It’d been a real strain to keep from sneaking under the table and taking out his prick and sucking on it.
 But she didn’t want to scare him off.
 Grant was a little shy and seemed to spook easily. The last thing in the world she wanted was to frighten him so much he’d chicken out and not even come over that night.
 With both Sara and Jon out on the town, the girl felt safe in having the boy over. They’d have the house to themselves and could fuck in complete privacy.
 She shivered a little thinking about what it would be like. Never had she gotten this horny before. Thinking on it, she wondered if it might not be due partly to seeing her mother and Jon fucking their brains out. That stud was so well-hung it made her satiny arms rough with gooseflesh.
 That cock!

 And to have it drilling deep in her cunt. She tried to force that out of her mind. She hated the guy. He could say good morning in such a way that she wanted to claw his eyes out. But, Christ, what a lay he was! Nervously, Melissa looked at the clock and saw it was still ten minutes
 before she’d told Grant to drop in. She smoothed nonexistent wrinkles in her skintight jeans, unbuttoned another button on her blouse and critically studied herself in the hall mirror.
 Not too bad, she thought. She pulled her shoulders back a faction of an inch, watching how
 her tits pressed hard against the thin fabric of her blouse. The tiny bumps that were her nipples grew as she studied them.
 She was getting hot just looking at herself in the mirror!
 Opening the neck of her blouse a little more gave a clear view of her white, melon-like boobs. The surge of flesh was enough to make any red-blooded male get a hard-on. And that was exactly what she wanted most from Grant—a hard-on.
 She twitched a little watching the effect. Her jugs swayed with youthful grace tracing out an invisible figure eight pattern. She took a deep breath and smiled when those lovely knockers of hers obeyed her unconscious wishes. They shivered to and fro in the most delightful manner she could think of.
 Turning, she swayed down the hallway. Looking back over her shoulders, she was happy to see her ass rotating at just the right speed. She wiggled her ass a bit more but didn’t like the result. It was too artificial. And she didn’t want to run Grant off by making him think she was out to seduce him. She was, of course, but she must let him think it was all his idea.
 Melissa jumped a foot when the doorbell rang. Grant!
 She ran, her tits swaying. At the door before opening it, she carefully made sure her tits were in
 just the right position. A swell of silky white titflesh poked up and out of her blouse. Right on!
 "Evening, Grant. Come on in."
 For a moment, she thought he was going to stand on the doorstep all night long. Or even worse, run like hell. His face was a little white. Maybe with shock at seeing such a seductive sight.
 "What’s wrong, Grant?" she asked innocently. Her heart was racing. She wanted him so badly! She couldn’t blow it right now!
 "I a.. uh, nothing, Melissa. Nothing." He wiped perspiration from his upper lip and went into the house. He closed the door and then said, "W-we have the house all to ourselves?"
 "Yes, my mother’s gone out. Won’t be back till early morning.
 "Maybe two or three A.M. She’s a real night owl."
 Melissa smiled. She knew exactly what was running through Grant’s mind. He was being offered a chance most teenagers dream of but never get. A house all to themselves.
 A house. With a big bed. All night long. To do anything they wanted. Anything at all.
 "Come on into the den. We can, you know, relax. You seem uptight tonight. Anything I said?"
 "Oh, no, Melissa. Nothing you did. It’s just that things are moving so fast between us. I don’t know

 what to think."
 "Sit down. A drink?"
 "No, thanks. Uh, hey, maybe we could dance. I see you’ve got a super stereo."
 Dance! That suited the girl just fine. She silently went to the collection of records racked beside the stereo and began looking for just the right ones. She found it finally and dropped it over the record player’s spindle.
 "There. It’s a special record. Just for you. For us."
 She licked her lips, the pink tip of her tongue flashing out to make a slow circuit around her ruby lips.
 The record was suited exactly for her purposes. Slow music, ballroom type touch dancing.
 Grant marveled at the way the girl fit into the curve of his arms. And her nearness bothered him. He couldn’t put his finger on exactly what it was about her. Maybe it was the way her tits pressed into his chest. Those pointy nipples were sure exciting, the way they poked into him. But it could have been the clean fragrance of her hair.
 Or possibly the way theft bodies moved so easily together.
 That was it. Just flowing with the music was getting l m even hotter than be bad been. In. spite of himself, he felt his cock growing. He fought it down. He mustn’t do that!
 Panic. He remembered the night before. He’d
 been nervous about going to bed with Melissa. All the guys boasted of the number of chicks they fucked, but Grant was a bit more selective. And even then, this one meant something to him. He was feeling something more than simple lust.
 When her body began moving more seductively, he noticed the tempo of the music had picked up, The beat was more sensual, more emphatic. She was pressing against him, moving against him, tantalizing him with the promise of her lush, young body.
 "Uh, let’s sit this one out, huh, Melissa?" he said. He was acutely aware of how hard his prick had gotten. He was actually hurting. It’d been months and months since anything like this had happened to him.
 Christ, he still remembered with dread when he’d gotten a boner during algebra class. That foxy teacher, just out of college, was a knockout. And he’d been daydreaming about the two of them by a pleasant team, fucking their brains out, when she’d called on him to go to the board.
 He’d thought he’d die from embarrassment.
 Having it happen again, after last night, with the promise of lots of real fun things to come this night, was almost too much for him to bear.
 "No, Grant, I want to dance. Sit this one out if you want, but I’m going to keep dancing."
 She moved away from him with a lithe grace that he found unbearably suggestive. The way she
 cocked her hips to and fro as if she were fucking. The way she swayed in an almost boneless fashion, her lips pursed like she was sucking on something round and big like a cock.
 A smile danced on her lips. She thrust out her tits in an unmistakable move. She asked, "Sure you want to sit this out?"
 A tiny shimmy in time with the music sent her boobs bobbling from side to side. The boy had to lick his lips. This was almost too much to take. He could see her tits—hell, he could see her nipples in the center of the ruddy aureoles!

 He remembered how good they tasted the night before. He remembered what was hidden between her slender legs. He remembered how much his cock was burning up with desire.
 "N-no, I don’t want to sit it out. I want you!"
 She smiled again and undid another button. The slow swaying caused her right tit to slip free of her blouse. He moved closer and gripped it in shaky fingers. It felt warm and vibrantly alive. He squeezed a bit harder and she moaned softly, moving closer to him.
 Hotly, in his ear, she whispered, "Both of them. Take hold of both my poor little titties!"
 "Th-they’re not little!" he stuttered, He was happy when she not only didn’t laugh at him but she actually unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way. His shaking hands reached out to engulf the twin mounds of succulent boob. They were warm
 and vibrant under his fingers. He could feel the throbbing of her heart buried under the left tit.
 Squeezing down a little more, the flesh flowed between his fingers. Intrigued, he tried to mold them into new patterns. The shape flawed a little but whenever he released the firm boobs, they always sprang back into the same tasty cone.
 "Ummm, that’s nice, Grant. So very nice. But . . .”
 "But what?"
 "I want more. I want this!" Her fingers clamped firmly on the boy’s zipper and ran it down the track. His erect cock snapped to attention. Her hand grabbed it and began stroking.
 He gulped. The sensations hammering into his balls almost made him come in her hand. He didn’t want to do that. No way. This was the night he was going all the way.
 She pulled the throbbing cock closer to her still covered snatch. She began nibbling on his ear and told him softly, "I want to feel your cock moving back and forth in me. IN ME!"
 He swallowed hard. This was everything he’d always imagined in his dreams. Never, though, had he figured it would actually happen to him.
 "Okay, Melissa. Anything you say." His fingers were still almost painfully clutching her tits. Fiery red marks appeared whenever he squeezed down on her boobs. She didn’t seem to mind.
 If anything, the pain heightened her senses. She
 reveled in it. The slight pain made her feel the pleasure even stronger.
 "Let’s go into the bedroom. We can really get it on there."
 She pulled on his prick. The convenient handle was hardly needed to get the teenager moving toward the privacy of the bedroom where they could fuck all night long.
 Inside, she couldn’t stand it any longer. Her cunt was beginning to water and ache horribly. She had to have that prick stroking powerfully back and forth inside her cunt. Nothing less would do.
 "Down with those pants! Get naked, fast!"
 Fumbling with his belt, the youth obeyed. His every instinct told him this was going to be a night to remember. When he was old and grey and playing shuffleboard, he’d remember the great fucking this hot little bitch had given him.
 He kicked free of his pants, dropped his undershorts, then upped his shirt oft buttons flying everywhere. By this time, the girl was also bare ass naked.

 For a brief second, they stood there staring at each other. Then they flowed into one another’s arms. The kiss started out chastely. Then, when the girl parted her lips just a little, the boy’s tongue came flashing m.
 Their tongues met and erotically dueled. Over and under her tongue stroked his invading one. They were pushing each other’s passions to the
 breaking point. Legs going weak, they collapsed to the surface of the bed. They barely noticed as their bodies twined around each other, snakes of passion unleashed.
 "In, Grant, get your cock in me!"
 She reached down and found his prick. Pulling strongly on it, she guided it toward her snatch. His body was crushing hers. She loved the feeling. It made her feel like a complete woman.
 And when she got that cock into her cunt, fucking wildly, that would be sheer heaven!
 "God, I don’t know, Melissa. Is... is this what you really want?"
 "Goddammit, Grant, of course it is! I want you, you silly fool! I want to feel that cock of yours fucking the hell out of me. Now get on with it!’
 He got it on. He slid forward just a little and managed to press the thick tip of his cock against her turgid pussy lips. The pink cunt lips were already juicy from her drooling twat. For a moment, he didn’t enter.
 Dragging his prick up and down over her delicate pussy lips, he got his entire cock well greased for the plunge into her steamy interior. Then, his hips poised, he felt just the purpled glans of his cock penetrate her labia. The heat was intense. It almost caused him to shoot his load. He was embarrassed, humiliated.
 To be this close to fucking this foxy chick and he was at the point of making a complete foal out
 of himself. He had to fuck her as good as humanly possible. She trusted him. She wanted his cock—and no one else’s. He had to do it all right.
 Levering himself forward, his cock vanished up into her seething cunt. They both gasped as his cock slammed home. His balls wetly slapped against her ass, but he barely noticed.
 His head was filled with the sound of his pulse hammering wildly. Never had he been more aroused than now. His cock was entirely surrounded by clinging, fuming hot cunt flesh. The well oiled walls of her pussy stretched just enough to allow his prick to enter. Otherwise, he’d have thought he’d fucked into a surgeon’s glove filled
 with burning hot lava.
 "God, you’re so biiiig!" she moaned. Her head tossed from side to side sending her hair cascading out in a dim halo.
 "And you, you’re so goddamn tight! You’re squeezing me off. I know what a tube of toothpaste feels like now.
 "Fuck me. Don’t just sit there. Fuck me good!"
 He hesitated. He felt too damn good to obey. His cock was entirely surrounded by the hot sheath of her cunt. The pulsing flesh massaged and soothed as it stimulated. He was feeling the heat of her burning desires all the way down into his balls.
 The floppy sac holding his balls had slowly begun to tighten up. As he bathed in the heat and pressure of her cunt all around his prick, the hairy
 bag collapsed into a tight little sphere. It dangled under his cock and throbbed with need.

 The balls inside churned and tumbled in a wild attempt to spurt free and blast his jism all the way out of his cock. He had to fight down the impulse to cream right away. He wanted to really fuck her. She expected it of a real stud. He had to prove to this hot little bitch that he was the best cocksman ever.
 "Okay, baby, you asked for it!"
 He pulled out. She screamed in reaction. It felt as if her guts were following his cock out her cunt. When his broad-headed prick split only the pinkly scalloped inner cunt lips, he paused for a moment. Then he came rushing back into her twat.
 She screamed again. Her cunt was small, almost virgin-tight. His huge cock spilt and stretched and spread her cunt in new and excitingly different directions. She thought she was being torn apart—and she loved every excruciating second of it!
 As his crotch ground hard into hers, she clutched at his naked back. Her fingernails left bloody tracks. Neither of them noticed so great was their mutual lust. The only thing that mattered was fucking the hell out of this tight cunt. That was what they both wanted.
 She was sobbing, tears running down her cheeks. The salty tracks left were licked away by the youth as he continued to fuck her. His tongue pressed
 down on her cheeks, her closed eyes, her mouth. And all the while his cock mechanically moved in the well oiled slot of her twat.
 "More, damn you, more! I want more of your cock!"
 He began to change his fucking tempo. Short, quick strokes set her cunt on fire. The friction mounted rapidly and robbed her of the last traces of her self control. She came.
 And it wasn’t an easy come, either. Long days of longing were released by his driving cock. She let the tiny fires build into huge ones threatening to consume her entire body. As the orgasm blasted into her belly, spreading to her entire body, she rejoiced in it.
 This was what she’d wanted for so long. This was the physical and emotional release that only a good fucking could give her. She came down from her sexual high only to feel herself being pushed back up to the brink of orgasm.
 His cock drove mercilessly into her pussy. He touched every single nerve in her cunt. The fixes of desire blazed inside her. The short strokes of his fucking cock lengthened; he began probing deeper and deeper.
 Her excitement mounted. This was what it was like to be fucked by a real expert. She’d thought he was inexperienced. He was showing her a completely different picture. She hadn’t believed he had this much ability.
 Happily, she let go and fell head Lint into another climax. The huge, pulsating, throbbingly alive cock filled her cunt to overflowing. She was aware of nothing but that huge fuck stick reaming out her cunt. The juices squirted from her twat and ran down the inside of her thigh.
 It tickled. And stimulated. She wanted more.
 But through the haze of unbridled passion, she heard a car door slam. Two voices, laughing, came closer. When the front door slammed, she panicked. Her mother and Jonathan had returned home, hours too early!
 "Grant, wait, oh please! My mother!"
 The teenager had heard, also. His face drained with shock.
 "Christ, what do we do?"
 "Under the bed. I don’t think they’ll check on me too close. They’re too wrapped up in themselves."

 As the boy scuttled under the bed, Melissa lay back puffing the covers over her naked body, waiting.
 Waiting and cursing her rotten luck.
 Melissa waited, her cunt hollow now. Damn! If only they had waited another couple hours. She could have gotten off a dozen times. She could have extinguished her rampaging desires once and for all. Grant was fucking her like a stallion. He seemed tireless, like he could go on all night.
 And that was just what she’d had in mind—all night fucking.
 "Melissa?" came a soft voice. The yellow crack appeared along the edge of her bedroom door and her mother’s head half poked-in. Then, to Jon out in the hallway, her mother said, "It’s okay. She’s
 out like a light. Let’s really get it on, darling."
 "Yeah. Not every night we have a special occasion to fuck our brains out."
 "Oh, Jon!" the woman giggled like a giddy teenager.
 The door closed. Grant peered out from under the bed. Seeing Melissa’s hand dangling down near his mouth, he carefully sucked on one of her fingers. She jerked, then relaxed and said, "Okay, guy. Come on out."
 Still sucking on her finger, wishing it was something juicier like her cunt, he edged out.
 "My poor pussy is still waiting for your cock," she told him quietly.
 "What? With your old lady in the house? Christ, if she caught us!"
 "She and her stud boyfriend will be screwing all night. They won’t hear us. And if they do, they’ll think it’s only an echo. Mother dear thinks her one and only daughter is still a pure-as-the-driven-snow
 Grant laughed. This foxy bitch a virgin? Hardly! and was he ever glad of that, too!
 "I don’t think we’d better ball with them so close," he told her with some reluctance. He wanted to pick up where they left off. His hard-on was beginning to ache like the devil. Nothing could suit him better than to bury it back all the way up into her steamy hot cunt.
 "Maybe you’re right," Melissa said.
 His face dropped. He’d lipped she’d talk him out of his chicken-shit idea and invite him to climb back on and fuck the hell out of her.
 "We can go into the back yard and fuck there." Her words electrified him. In the back yard? It was so close to the sidewalk. And the street was just on the other side of the fence. With all those people going by, someone might see them screwing. Actually see him, the big stud, fucking the hell out of the most beautiful chick anyone had ever laid eyes on.
 The idea suddenly appealed to him. What the hell? If anyone did see them they’d have to congratulate him on his good taste in women. And who would be looking at him, anyway? They’d be just like him, not able to get their eyes off the seductive beauty of the girl.
 "Okay. Sounds really kinky to me. I think I like that."
 Melissa was surprised. Grant didn’t strike her as the experimenting kind. And he’d agreed so fast. Was he that hot for her body? She hoped so. She wanted to feel that quivering cock of his driving hard and fast into her pussy again.
 Nothing less would satisfy her. She had to get off a dozen more times to feel really happy. He’d made a good start only to be interrupted by her meddling mother.
 Outside it would be different.

 "Through the window, lover boy. The grass is
 nice and cool and I’m so goddamn hot I can barely stand it!"
 He virtually dived out the window. Feeling the grass, he rolled to sit upright, naked as he could be. Turning toward the window, he saw the girl lithely climbing out.
 His cock threatened to turn cartwheels. Just the sight of her was enough to make him feel like erupting.
 Her high, firm, young tits bounced ever so slightly. They were big, plenty big enough for his tastes. Certainly more than a mouthful, they were still small enough not to be floppy or sag at all. He liked that. He didn’t like the women with the huge, ungainly milk bags. Every time they moved, it was a joke.
 Melissa’s tits were the work of a masterful creator. Just looking at them was enough to give him a hard-on. Her white tits seemed to glow with a light of their own in the moonlight. And the red nipples were tiny beacons calling out to him. They begged to be shoved into his mouth and sucked on.
 The deep canyon between her jugs was hidden in shadow. Somehow that made her all the more seductive. The light played over her slender body and moved down past her trim waist. When he caught sight of her dark, furry bush, he had to really take a firm bold on his rampaging emotions.
 That provocative pussy mound was gorgeous. An’ it was just slobbering in anticipation of having
 his huge prick shoved in between the gaping pussy lips underneath it.
 The lewd, grinning cunt lips were flecked with silver spots. It was her oily inner secretions. She was wet. Wet and hot, for him. And he was wasting time looking when he could be fucking!
 "Come on, you foxy little bitch. I can’t wait to pick up where we left off inside."
 "So, you’re ready to give me everything I want, huh?" she teased.
 "Everything you think you want and a hell of a lot more." The teenager was actually panting, so great was his lust for this lovely girl. He wanted her more than he’d ever wanted a woman in his short life.
 He was going to get her, too.
 "Braggart! Show me, don’t just tell me about it."
 He reached out and caught her trim ankle. A firm yank and she was sitting on the damp grass, her Legs spread in a wide vee in front of her body. The sex gash was widely exposed to him.
 All he had to do was flop onto her and fuck merrily away. But that would be crass: He had to show more class than that.
 Instead of just shoving his prick in and fucking, he held onto her leg and pulled her toward him. His mouth fastened onto her well-formed calf. He kissed her, then began licking and lightly nipping at her soft, satiny smooth skin.
 She yelped but didn’t struggle to get away. The feel of his mouth working up her leg toward her cunt was almost more than she could bear. The girl had expected him to really pick up where he’d left off inside. She wanted that cock buried deep in her cunt where she could feel it pulsing with male life.
 She couldn’t complain. Quite the contrary, it was building up her inner sexual tensions to the. breaking point. She’d thought she was hot before, but it had been nothing like this.
 Never in her eighteen years had she been so aroused by a man. Grant was turning her every way but loose. His mouth stimulated the sensitive portions of

 her tender inner thigh. She had always assumed that men ignored this part of a woman’s anatomy.
 She learned how good it was to have a man care about giving her the maximum turn-on before really fucking her. The nerves throughout her young body were screaming in joy by the time his hot breath gusted through the tangled mat of her pussy mound. His tongue daringly weaved through her bush and then descended a little to her clit.
 The tiny spire of her desire throbbed with excitement. When he sucked the clit into his mouth, she came.
 The wetness of his lips, the heat of his gusting breath, the way he used his tongue on her most sensitive of organs, all set her sailing off into a wonderland of sexual fulfillment.
 And when she came down from her carnal journey, his mouth was still there, licking, sucking up her cunt juices, plunging deep into the juicy twat. He tongue fucked her for a moment and got her off again.
 Her entire body felt like a string pulled taut. The lightest plucking and she would vibrate for hours. And he was using her like a fine musical instrument.
 "God, Grant, I never thought it would be this good. I mean, ever!"
 "And I never found a chick as damned sexy as you. God Almighty, you turn me on in a big way. Now for something big about me."
 His hands moved her legs even wider apart. She felt the grass moistly crushing under her ass as he forced her downward with his weight. He was sliding up her body, his cock nudging into the pink, turgid lips of her cunt.
 Then she screamed. She tried to hold it in by biting her lower lip, but she couldn’t. The sensations ripping through her tender, young body were simply too huge.
 His cock rammed all the way up into her cunt. Then he began fucking her with all the skill he’d shown inside the house.
 Her shoulders became damp and stained from the grass mashing under their combined weight. She ignored this. The only wetness that appealed to her now was between her trim legs. Her cunt
 was overflowing with lust.
 The squishy noise of his cock ramming in and out made her breath come even faster. She felt her tits rise and fall, pressing hard against the thick slab of his muscular chest. The nipples had hardened into pointy buttons. She thought for a horrifying moment she was going to poke holes into the youth’s chest.
 He didn’t seem to notice the throbbing marbles that were her nipples. But she did. Every time he slid down on her body to send his cock surging into her cunt, his chest dragged over those sensitive tips. She felt the nipples being rotated, twisted damn near off her body.
 The fiery lances of sensation arching into her chest made her come completely alive. She’d thought his mouth all up and down her legs, then exploring her cunt, had turned her on in a big way. It was nothing compared to the fucking he was giving her.
 With the hum of traffic in the street just scant yards away, she knew they might have an audience and never know it. What would that spying person think, seeing the two naked bodies passionately wrestling out there in the middle of the yard? Would they care? Would they jerk off while they were peeping?
 The thought that anybody might see them added fire to her already soaring lust. She was an exhibitionist deep down inside. She loved the idea

 that they might have people watching. Performing a live sex act would really set people to talking!
 "Oh, Grant darling, you’re so fuckin’ good! I love the way your cock feels inside me."
 "Your cunt! It’s so tight!" the boy gasped. He was hard pressed to keep control of his body. It was fucking almost without his control now.
 His hips thrust in and out, mindlessly. All he could do was hang on for the ride and enjoy the hell out of it.
 "How’s this, big boy?" she asked, tightening her stomach muscles. She felt his cock come into bold relief inside her curd.
 The huge head f his prick was straining against the soft walls of her pussy. Every slight move was transmitted directly to her body. The sides of his cock were lined with veins and arteries hammering with excited blood. She twitched her hips just a bit to see what the difference in position would feel like.
 She came.
 Never had a man been so huge inside her. The cock was at the point of ripping her apart. And she wanted more of it!
 "Go on, fuck me, fuck meeeeee!" she begged.
 Her legs lifted off the ground and braced on either side of his body. She felt the sweat slickening his sides. She tried to lock her ankles around his waist and drag him even deeper into her cunt. It failed. She couldn’t control her own
 twitching body. Mindlessly,
 she was hunching up to meet his every inward thrust. She needed that fucking cock bad!
 Then he slipped out. It was accidental. In his enthusiasm for fucking her long and hard, he’d drawn back just a little too much. His forward thrust sent his juice-greased cock sailing down the split of her pussy lips and into the ground.
 He moaned as he tried to fuck himself all the way to the center of the earth. In spite of himself, he had to laugh.
 Melissa joined in. "I never saw anybody that excited before. Christ on a crutch, you get to fucking, you stay in the cunt. But no, you slide right on out."
 "So let me get back on and ride," he said. "I promise to aim better this time."
 She started to open her legs wide to him again, then heard the faint sounds of her mother and Jonathon fucking. The idea occurred to her that their fuck-fest could be a lot more stimulating. She grabbed onto his prick and pulled him into a sitting position.
 "Okay, guy, listen good. We’re going to the open window and watch some of the hot and heavy action going on inside."
 "We’re going to spy on my mother and that stud fucking her. Maybe you’ll learn something."
 "Look, Melissa, I want you so bad I hurt, but to spy on your mom? That’s really sicko."
 "Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. And you do want a little more of my little cunt, eh?" She pulled his cock toward her snatch. She felt it twitch in response. He wanted more of her. All the way up her cunt, he wanted more of her.
 He did as he was told.

 Under the open window, they heard the two inside fucking. The lewd smucking noises told how hard Jon was fucking the woman. Her snatch had to be burning up from the friction between her cunt walls and his cock.
 The sounds made the girl feel uneasy. But it wasn’t a nervous uneasiness. This was a brand new excitement. Before, she’d had to masturbate herself to get the full thrill. Now she had Grant’s huge cock to help her along.
 Sure, it was kinky. That was what she got off on. To actually spy on her mother and her lover while they were fucking sent little tremors into her already aroused cunt.
 "Look at ‘em!"
 Grant poked up a bit over the windowsill and let out a low whistle. "I never saw a prick so big in all my life!"
 The girl would have agreed if she’d trusted her voice. Jon had her mother bent over the edge of the bed, fucking her from behind. His mighty prick appeared from her snatch, then vanished again. The
 sight of the man’s powerfully muscled body made the girl shiver. The thought of him sticking it to her made her feel like she was going to come.
 God, how she hated him—but what a cock! And the way his ass tightened up into a round, hard ball of muscle turned her on, too. He was built like so many of the male models she idolized.
 Why did he have to be such a son of a bitch?
 "I ... I can’t hold onto it any more, Melissa. Lemme fuck you good. And quick, huh?" begged Grant
 She spread her legs wide, her pussy opening up like a second set of lips. She looked down between her legs, then drew her fingers across her cunt. The fingers came away drenched with the flood of her fuck fluids.
 "I’m ready. Let me feel that cock of yours again, lover!"
 She gasped as he bent his knees, maneuvered a little, then straightened. His cock shot skyward, impaling her directly in the cunt. He didn’t stop at her cunt lips this time. He roared on past them like a berserk freight train on rails.
 She went weak in the knees and sagged down onto his prick. She felt his bush grinding fiercely into her crotch. The motion of his cock inside her sent fireworks blasting into her head. She came, bigger than ever before.
 She heard him saying, "Be quiet, dammit! You’re going to make them notice us!"
 "Ummm, okay, anything you say, Grant darling." She realized she’d yelled out her passions when she came. That might have been their downfall. Luckily, the two inside were too wrapped up in their own fucking to ever notice anything going on elsewhere.
 She let his cock slide free of her cunt as she peered over his shoulder. She got such a fine view of Jon screwing her mother. The man seemed tireless. His mighty cock was a long pole, driving hard and fast between the woman’s pussy lips. The girl knew what it felt like.
 Grant was giving her the same type of fucking. Her cunt lips were spread wide around his cock as it shot up into her belly, but the sight of the other two screwing seemed to affect her more than anything else.
 Sure, the cock drilling deep into her cunt was a turn-on. She couldn’t have said anything else about it, But actually watching the other two fucking while she was getting all the prick she wanted was a double thrill for the peeping girl.
 "Keep fucking, Grant, keep going! I need it! I need your cock so bad!"
 "Tight," he mumbled. "So tight all around my prick. How do you do it?"

 "I want you. Fuck me harder, harder!"
 He did his damnedest to give her what she wanted. He blasted the entire length of her twat. The friction burned away the thick oils lubricating
 her pussy walls. It seemed as if everything was building up to one momentous orgasm in the girl’s lithe body.
 "Faster," she begged, "give it to me as fast as you can. Make my cunt burn with your cock!"
 Her eyes refused to focus on the couple inside the bedroom. The lust she felt was blurring her vision. She wanted to see, she wanted to ever so desperately. It gave her a new meaning to life, to fucking.
 It was so damned kinky being outside, spying, fucking, maybe being spied on by someone out in the street. She felt her gut tighten up. She knew still another orgasm was stalking her body.
 "More, Grant dearest, more. MORE!"
 He lifted her off her feet with his next upward thrust. She was hung suspended for a brief moment on his prick—and nothing else. Her fingers clutched wildly at his back. She clawed him with her fingernails. Her body twisted around the spike of his impaling cock and drilled it even deeper into her belly.
 She shook the hair out of her eyes and saw what was going on inside the bedroom. Jon was fondling her mother’s boobs while he fucked madly at her. The curve of the woman’s ass fit so cleanly into the curve of his groin, the girl thought for a moment they were two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle momentarily come apart.
 Thin her entire body exploded, If a stick of
 dynamite had been shoved up her cunt instead of a cock, she couldn’t have felt much different. The come blew the top of her head off. Her tits were pounding with excitement. "AAAAIIEEEEEEE!"
 And then she felt the hot, wet surge in her cunt that signaled her boyfriend’s come. He blasted out gallon after fiery gallon of his white hot jism.
 The touch of it inside her sensitive cunt set her off again. She was hurled high into the air on the winds of ecstasy ripping through her body. Never had she experienced such an intense come. Her body shivered, her muscles went rigid and the screams of joy were ripped from her throat.
 She and Grant sank to the ground, exhausted. They clung to each other for support.
 "I never felt anything like that with a chick before," he confessed. "You really moved me. God in heaven, what a fuck!"
 She sighed. It was that—and more. She’d needed to get laid. When she had virtually seduced Grant earlier in the evening, she hadn’t dreamed it would be anything this good. Her cunt still burned from the memory of his once proud cock fucking the living hell out of her.
 She sighed again, her tits bouncing slightly. Eyes glowing with love for Grant, she looked up and said, "Let’s go back into the bedroom. I think I want to get some sleep."
 The next morning, Melissa was stiff and sore. Her crotch was inhabited by millions of fire ants, all nipping and biting at hen She rubbed her sore cunt and winced. She hadn’t realized that fucking could leave such a "hang-over".
 The girl slowly crawled out of bed, the fragrant odors of breakfast reaching her. She dressed, careful of her tender snatch, then went out to eat.

 Melissa stopped in the doorway to the kitchen. Jon was sitting there at the table again, bigger than life and twice as ugly.
 "What are you doing here?" she demanded.
 "Honey, I’m your new poppa," Jon told her, an evil smile crossing his thin lips.
 "The hell you say," she snapped. Looking to her mother sent cold chills up and down her spine. The woman wasn’t disputing what Jon had said
 It couldn’t be! Her mother couldn’t have gotten married to this cock-sucking bastard just like that. She just couldn’t have!
 "We got hitched last night, girl. I am your new daddy. How do you like that, huh?"
 She started to leave, only to have her mother roughly grab her by the arm and spin her around. "You speak up when your daddy talks to you, hear?"
 "He’s not my father. You divorced my father. Remember him? Red hair? Tall? A nice man? Not like this..." Words escaped her. She couldn’t think of anything vile enough.
 "You watch your language, Melissa," warned her mother. "I won’t take much more of your sass. Jon and I were married yesterday and he’s going to be moving in here today. You’d better get used to having a man around the house again."
 A man? Undoubtedly. But that motherfucker had a lot to learn. Being good in the sack wasn’t all that a girl looked for. And certainly not in a new father.
 "You just run along, Sara. Me and Melissa here will have a little talk."
 "See you tonight, dear. And you behave yourself,
 young lady."
 Melissa started to complain but a thick hand clamped on her arm and forced her into the kitchen chair. "You just sit until that mother of yours is good and gone. Then, you and me, we’ll see about getting better acquainted."
 "You may be hell on wheels in bed and I’ll bet that’s why Mom married you, but don’t get any ideas, you jackass. I don’t like you one iota."
 He laughed at her. "But I like you just fine. And I think I can come to really enjoy having you around—my big cock. How about it?"
 The girl didn’t believe her ears. He was propositioning her. And she was his daughter now!
 "Wh-what?" she asked, stunned.
 "You’re a sexy piece of ass. Hell, that was the first thing I noticed. Me and you, Melissa, we can make music. You know what I mean?"
 He stood, towering over her. She was looking directly into his crotch and the huge bulge under his pants. Horrified, paralyzed with dread, she watched him run his zipper down. His mighty prick came rushing out like a racehorse eager for the starting gate.
 "You have to be out of your fucking head!"
 "My, my, such language. You want to suck on my cock, huh?"
 He thrust it forward toward her mouth. She turned her head away. To have it in her mouth would be—what? She couldn’t figure out exactly
 how she felt towards the man. He was obviously well hung. And she’d seen him in action. He was a hell of a good lay.
 What was it, then?
 Melissa couldn’t say. Maybe it was the way he simply assumed she’d be hot for his bod. That smug assurance was enough to grate on anyone’s nerves. Or

 maybe it was something else. He was a real son of a bitch, after all. It could have been that and nothing more.
 In which case, why didn’t she just hop into bed with him? She could ignore his antics when he wasn’t fucking her. Somehow, that didn’t seem right to the girl.
 "Go to hell," was all she told him.
 "That’s not the answer I want. You should have told me yes.”
 His flat-handed slap across her face took her by surprise. It sent her stumbling across the floor. The cool linoleum under her cheek soothed the heated skin where his fingers had marked her.
 "Now, are you going to suck on my prick? Or do I have to really convince you?"
 She looked up at him, hatred flaring from her eyes. Never had she disliked a man more. Her loathing was compounded by the way he stood, his hands resting on his hips. His cock jutted from his groin, proud and long and hard.
 "Okay," he sighed. "You want it the hard way. As my daughter, I suppose you should know I like
 strict discipline. Do you know what I mean?" "Don’t you dare touch me!"
 In a swift movement, he was across the distance between them. His hands hooked under her arms and lifted her with easy strength. She saw his chest expand with the strain of lifting her entire weight. Other than the bulging muscles, he showed no real effort being expended.
 Holding her at arm’s length for a moment, he studied her. His eyes glowed with lust. She shuddered when she realized what she was in for. This man didn’t know the meaning of the word mercy.
 He was an animal bent on nothing but fucking. And he’d surely have her. She couldn’t stop him, no matter how hard she struggled.
 Casting her aside, he turned and fumbled in the kitchen drawer until he found a ball of twine. He held it up and said, more to himself than to the girl, "This will do just fine."
 "Wh-what are you going to do?"
 "You don’t like me, do you? We’ll see how well you like my prick when it pokes into that tight ass of yours."
 "No! NO!"
 He caught her with contemptuous ease. He spun her around and bent her over the high-backed wooden kitchen table chair. She groaned as the top of the chair cut into her belly. She tried to kick backwards like a mule; he was ready far her.
 One meaty paw caught her left leg and quickly tied it with the string to the leg of the chair. As she fried to kick him with her right foot, he snared and tied it in the same fashion to the other leg of the chair.
 She found herself in a position of embarrassing potential. Her feet were a good two feet apart and firmly tied. That exposed her crotch—if she hadn’t been wearing her jeans. She didn’t know what he was planning for her but it couldn’t be too bad. Not as long as she had the tough denim on.
 "Yeah, that’s one helluva fine tush. That ass really turns me on in a big way."
 "You’ll be sorry for this, damn you. You’re going to really be sorry!"
 "Sure, sure. That’s what they all say at first. Afterward, they usually thank me for fucking them. I got a real man’s prick, Melissa. You re gonna love it, wait and see."

 He laughed, harsh and menacing. She shivered but didn’t try to escape until he grabbed one of her wrists. Bending her arm in a hammerlock, she crumpled forward under the pressure. As she reached back to try and stop the pain, she found both her wrists firmly tied with the string. The thin twine cut into her flesh, stopping circulation.
 Hands tingling with lost blood, stomach bent painfully across the top -of the chair and her legs spread wide, she was as helpless as a girl could be.
 She wanted to cry Somehow, she knew that would only good the man on. She didn’t want to encourage him.
 "I hope you burn in hell, damn you!"
 "Hey, a chick with fire. I like that. It makes fucking you all the more fun."
 She attempted to escape when his hand stroked over her denim-clad butt. There wasn’t any place she could go. She was as immobile as any human being could be.
 "Firm ass, real firm. Sorta tight-assed, if you ask me."
 She refused to answer. No matter what she said, it would only encourage him to further degrade her. As long as her jeans were on, she could take anything he might do to her.
 He might have been reading her mind. "Those jeans have got to go. Where’s my knife?"
 He fumbled out a switchblade knife so that she could see, then opened it with a deadly snicking noise. He held the long silver blade in front of her face for a moment, then sneered.
 "My friend and me, we been through a lot. He’s helped me out of some real tight jams. And we have fun together, too. Like now."
 She cringed as the cold knife blade touched the outside of her leg. She sensed rather than felt the knife slipping up under the cuff. The brutal tearing noise came from the blade slicing neatly through the entire left side of her blue jeans. He’d cut her
 pants open all the way to the waist.
 Repeating the motion on her right side made the girl even more nervous. Her only protection from the man was rapidly disappearing. When he jerked and her jeans fell apart in two sections, she was left clad only in her white cotton panties.
 "Nice ass, really something, God, I bet you got the boys creaming in their pants whenever you walk away from them. You got me good and hot and I seen the best."
 She couldn’t hold back her fright, her anger, any longer. "You goddamn motherfucker!"
 He cut her off simply. A loop of string around her head and between her lips silenced her words. The twine cut into the corners of her mouth unmercifully. She wanted to scream and couldn’t. The thin trickle of blood from the cut flesh started dribbling down her chin.
 "You brought that on yourself, girl. You shouldn’t say naughty things like that."
 He rubbed his hand over the curve of her ass again. She flinched. He instantly swatted her bottom, open handed. The swat stung. She imagined his handprint left in her snowy white flesh. The ugly red finger marks might take some time to go away.
 "Don’t think you’re gonna tell anybody about this, either. I’m not gonna hurt you. But I can—and I will!"
 She saw the glint of steel again. He held the

 switchblade close to her face. The point came closer, ever closer. She almost fainted when he lightly pressed the tip into her cheek. A tiny droplet of blood welled up and then slowly ran down her face to join the stream of blood from the corners of her mouth.
 "Pain. That’s what I’ll give you if you open that fat yap of yours to anybody. But I can be good to you, too. Like this."
 She cringed when the cold steel touched the skin just above her waist. A quick jerk and he cut her panties away. She was widely exposed to his lascivious pleasure.
 "God, I never seen a cunt I wanted to fuck more!"
 She managed to scream in spite of the string crossing her mouth when the cold steel blade touched her pussy lips. He laughed harshly, then she heard the clatter of the knife on the table.
 "No more knife, Melissa. This is the real thing now. A man’s sword. A real cock!"
 She screamed again as his prick surged all the way up her dry cunt. Never had a man tried fucking her until she was well greased with her fuck fluids. The dry passage of his cock all the way up into her belly threatened to tear her apart.
 "Shit. No maiden juice. What’s with you, girl? You frigid or something? Or maybe you don’t like men."
 She wanted to protest, to tell him off. It wasn’t
 possible. The humiliating position in which she was tied made any struggle useless. With her legs tied apart the way they were, she couldn’t close herself up to him. Her cunt gaped, wide open and vulnerable to his attacks.
 And with her hands bound as they were, she couldn’t hope to fend him off. If ever a girl had ever been at the mercy of a man, she was. And she hated the feeling immensely.
 "I want you, girlie. And I’m in the position to get what I want. I’m not like you."
 His hands caressed her warm assflesh again. She felt tiny tremors working into her body. No matter what he did, she both hated and liked it. In spite of herself, the spanking and now his hands all over her buttocks were turning her on.
 She felt the thin trickle of her cunt juices, then heard this triumphant cry.
 "Damn, I was right. You do like it! I can feel you getting all damp and excited around my cock!”
 Her body quaked uncontrollably. She hated herself for this but couldn’t stop it. Showing fear was wrong, she knew that instinctively. Yet, was it fear she felt? Really? Or was it desire? Did she want to be violated by this berserk sex fiend? Was she so perverted she enjoyed being raped by him?
 There were no easy answers. With her hands tied the way they were, and her legs secured to the legs of the chair, she wasn’t going anywhere. She had to
 take whatever he gave her.
 And right now, that was degradation—and one hell of a long prick.
 She felt it tickle her innermost pussy flesh His cock was so big she wondered how she ever took it all the way up her juicy cunt. The huge cock was stretching her in all ways at once. She thought her flesh might tear, so full was her cunt with his prick.

 "Please, oh, God, please!" she sobbed. She didn’t know what she was begging him for. It could as easily have been for him to let her alone as it was to have him really fuck her tight, fluid little cunt.
 "Like it, don’t you? I told you they all loved my prick. Feel it dancin’ around inside you?"
 He jerked his hips forward and began rotating his hips. The long prick started stirring around in her twat. The cock touched her everywhere inside. It was merciless in its search for new nerves to stimulate.
 She was crying openly now. Pleasure poured through her like water into a jug. But even worse, she felt degraded. To be tied up like this, then to actually respond! It was humiliating. This meant she’d do anything, no matter how gross, for sex.
 For a man’s cock, she’d jump through a hoop. To get herself well fucked, she’d obey any command. No matter that he had her tied up. She liked it. She liked his cock. She liked him fucking her.
 "Stop it, stop it! I don’t want you to do this to me!"
 "You say no when you mean yes, is that it?" he guessed rightly. "I’m going to really sock it to you now.”
 If she thought he was fucking her before, she quickly changed her mind. Never had the young girl felt so much cock hammering into her soft, yielding cunt. He pulled out until only the broad arrowhead of his prick remained inside her cunt lips.
 Then, with a huge shove from his powerful hips, he roared all the way up her well-greased pussy. The prick pulled and stretched her tight cunt in all possible directions. When he was buried balls deep in her twat, he did a funny little jump that gave his cock an up and down motion.
 She came.
 She hadn’t felt her body responding in this way. It just happened. One moment, she was crying out her frustration and anger. The next, she was sobbing from the great emotional and physical release of her orgasm.
 "Ha! All you bitches love me when I fuck you like that. Try this and see how you like it!"
 She almost passed out. His cock began jumping and dancing in her cunt. She never knew exactly what he did, but his prick seemed to grow to twice its size while it was all the way up her cunt. The girl knew he was tearing her apart. That’s all she
 could feel, that mighty prick twisting and tearing away at her guts.
 "Stop it! I can’t stand it! Oooooooh!"
 The waves of pain passed through her and mixed with the pleasure from his powerful fucking. The familiar noise of his prick easing in and out of her pussy came to her ears. She moaned but even this failed to drown out the sounds of the fucking.
 The friction burned at her insides. Her twat tightened around the already gigantic cock. That increased the friction of his fucking even more. He was making self-satisfied noises that infuriated her.
 But bound, she was helpless. No matter how he wanted to teat her, she was at his mercy. The feel of his hairy thighs rubbing against her naked ass as he drove into her cunt from behind gave her a shivery feeling. It wasn’t a good feeling, yet it sent her pulse racing even faster than before.
 As his cock split her cunt lips and shot all the way up into her belly, she came again.
 Her hands were wooden and threatened to fall off from lack of blood. The way he had her ankles tied cut the circulation off there, too. She was one

 seething mass of pain—and still her cunt radiated pure pleasure. She was enjoying this degradation. No matter how he defiled her, she was getting off on it!
 Her body shivered through still another climax, then she felt his cock erupt. He spewed out his hot jism into her tiny cunt for long minutes. She was
 certain he’d pumped gallon after gallon of his cum into her before his cock deflated.
 Limp, he fell from her cunt. She could see him tucking his prick away in his pants. Picking up the knife, he quickly and deftly cut her bonds. The string fell away from wrists and ankles as if by magic.
 "Remember, cunt, you don’t tell nobody. Not a single goddamn person, got that?"
 He kicked her in the ass. She moaned and nodded that she understood.
 He didn’t see the burning hatred in her eyes or he might not have been so complacent as he left the kitchen.
 Melissa avoided Jonathon the rest of the day. At dinner, she refused to say a word to him and only spoke to her mother when spoken to. The woman didn’t seem to notice anything wrong. She was too wrapped up in her stud husband.
 "I missed you so, Jon. The day has been sooooo long!"
 "I’ve missed you too, love. And I got to admit that my day has been long without you." He glanced at Melissa, who glared back. She knew what type of "long" he was referring to. And she didn’t dare say a word to her mother about it.
 But she’d get even with that raping cocksucker. No matter how long it took, she’d find an appropriate revenge on him. Then he’d be sorry he humiliated her the way he did.
 "Leave the dinner dishes for Melissa to do. You and me, love, we got to make up for, lost time. Like all day long!"
 Sara giggled at this. She brushed back her hair and looked years younger. Melissa was amazed at how her mother fell for such obvious flattery. Still, it was the very kind of thing she’d expect the older woman to suck up. So few men gave her a second look, she was bound to cling to any man who told her she was a knockout.
 "Yes, Jon. And you be sure to do the dishes before you go to bed, Melissa," she said to the girl. With that, the two newlyweds left the kitchen without so much as a backwards glance.
 Melissa was just as glad they didn’t bother noticing her. She wasn’t sure she was good enough an actress to be civil. She hated Jon and was on her way to despising her mother. Hiding that would be too difficult to pull off well.
 She did the dishes simply because she had nothing better to do. And more importantly it kept her away from Jonathon. If he’d come into the kitchen, she wasn’t sure she wouldn’t start tossing the dishes at him. Either that, or use one of the butcher knives on his gut.
 After drying the last of the supper dishes,
 Melissa went directly to her room. Her mother arid her newly acquired stepfather were nowhere to be seen. She figured they’d already gone to bed—and it wasn’t to sleep, of that she was certain.

 Lying in her bed, unable to sleep, she listened to the house settle. The tiny creaks and groans used to comfort her. Now they were all ominous sounding. Nothing stirred in the dark of her bedroom. For the first time in years, she wished she still had her doll to comfort her.
 Suddenly, a noise in the hallway broke the silence. She sat upright in bed, wondering if a burglar had broken in. If so, maybe he’d kill Jon.
 As her door opened, she realized what was happening. Jon was paying her a midnight visit.
 "You keep that lip of yours buttoned, Melissa," came his cold voice. "I want to have a word with you.”
 She sat stony silent, waiting for him to tell her what he wanted. When she saw the boner sticking out of his pajamas, the girl knew what he wanted. This time, he wasn’t going to get it without one hell of a fight.
 "Yeah, I decided the old lady was worn out. I decided to get a little younger action. Like you. Wanna suck on my prick?"
 "You make me sick," she told him. "Never have I met so despicable a man. You...”
 He grabbed a handful of hair and jerked her head back at a painful angle.
 "You talk too much. Lemme put something into your mouth you can enjoy. And if you bite it, you’re gonna know real pain!"
 She felt the man’s damp prick shoved against her lips. She tried to turn her head away. He controlled her every move with the hand laced through her hair. Opening her lips just a little, she found the entire tip of his prick inside her mouth.
 She almost gagged. It wasn’t that it was too big, it was that his prick was still coated with fuck juices from a woman’s cunt—her mothers s cunt!
 "Go on and suck, damn you. You look to be a grade A cocksucker to me. Prove it!"
 No matter how she twisted, she couldn’t avoid that huge prick. Under her nose, it seemed even larger than it was. Her lips were being pulled to take the huge girth of the cock. And as his pressure on the back of her head increased, she found herself less able to prevent the entire length from going down her throat.
 The nine inches of prick throbbed with an entirely male vitality that would have normally turned the girl into the prime cocksucker that Jon expected. But she didn’t like being forced. And he was her stepfather.
 Was this incest?
 The thought raced through her mind. She was repulsed by the idea of sucking off her father. That was wrong—a sin, perverted. She couldn’t possibly do anything so degrading.
 She wasn’t having to agree, it was being forced on her. The man was simply too strong to resist. She had to do what he wanted or he’d hurt her. The girl had some idea of what the man was capable of doing. That afternoon had been only a sample.
 That knife of his wasn’t far away. And she guessed he knew how to use it.
 If she didn’t suck on his cock as he wanted, he could carve her up like a Thanksgiving turkey. Probably he wouldn’t even need the knife. He was so strong, he could physically overpower her any time he wanted.
 She was his to use as he pleased.
 As the truth of that penetrated, she gulped. And took in another couple inches of prick. Cradling the cock with her tongue, she rocked her head back and forth. She tasted the salty, musky flavor of an aroused man’s cock. The girl’s mouth began to water.

 "That’s the way, girl. Suck on it. Suck hard, damn you!"
 Her lips closed all around his cock. The entire plum-tipped end of his prick was hidden inside her lips. She worked her tongue roughly over his jumping, throbbing prick until she almost choked.
 When he pulled her head forward toward his groin, she felt his cockhead bounce off the roof of her mouth. Nothing she could do was going to stop that cock from going all the way down her throat..
 His cock was already near her tonsils. Much farther and it wouldn’t matter.
 "Tongue me, girl. Use that tongue on my pecker. And suck hard I HARD!"
 He groaned as she obeyed his command. The pain from his handhold on her hair was increasing. No amount of sucking on the man’s prick would ever offset that.
 "Ummm, good. I like a chick who’s good at sucking on a man’s prick. Now I think I’m gonna face fuck you."
 She quaked at the words. She didn’t want any more of his cock stuffed into her mouth. She had all she could handle now. If he went wild and began fucking her face, she might strangle!
 "Umph! No!" she struggled to say around the huge plug of cock in her, mouth. The words were too muffled for him to understand, not that it mattered. Her desires meant nothing to the brutal man.
 She moaned loudly when he grabbed her right tit He caught her from underneath, cupping the huge mound of titflesh. His fingers worked magic on it as they stroked toward the nipple. Through the thin nightie she wore, he was able to fondle her boob virtually unhindered.
 "You got such nice titties, girl. I love firm titties on a chick. Your mother’s got floppy boobs. Not too bad for an old woman, but they’re nothing like yours. God, yours turn me on!"
 The teenager was so confused she didn’t know how to respond. The cock rhythmically moving to and fro in her mouth was stimulating her. No matter how much she tried to deny it, this much cock in her mouth was a turn-on. And the way he was squeezing and manhandling her boob was designed to do nothing but get her hot to fuck.
 The blood pulled to the tip of her boob throbbed hard and fierce. She could feel her heart beating in the nipple. The entire jug was inflating as more and more excited blood hammered into it. Soon, the cone of her tit was so sensitive the lightest touch sent her gasping.
 "Yeah, baby, you love it. I can tell. And so do I! Suck it harder, damn you, suck harder!"
 She obeyed. His words came to her over the rushing noise in her temples. Her breath was gusting hotly into the tangled bush just inches from her nose. Inexorably, that jungle of pubic hair was coming closer and closer. He was pulling her face into his crotch while his cock was rigidly slipping into her throat.
 The girl didn’t gag. She managed to take his entire length. Buried in her throat, she swallowed. The way her Adam’s apple bobbed up and down massaged the delicate underside of his prick. He groaned and she felt his cock jump. It wouldn’t take more than a couple seconds to get him off.
 The thought strayed through her lust-glazed mind. If she could suck him off fast, all this would
 be at an end. He’d leave her alone. Without that mighty erection, what was he?

 She sucked as hard as she could on his cock. He groaned, then pulled back a little.
 "Good, that’s what I like. A bitch should obey when a man tells her to suck harder on his cock."
 Then he began driving that long spike of cock into her face. Her lips burned with the friction of passage. He was face fucking her as hard as he could. Every ounce of energy locked up in his hips was unleashed. His cock was a long battering ram of flesh.
 No matter how she turned, it was there hard and shoving into her face. Her tongue worked furiously on the underside of his prick. The tiny flap of skin dangling under the cleft head of his cock was her target. She knew how sensitive that was.
 She’d gotten Grant off in less than a minute by tonguing that. But the boy was so inexperienced. This stud had had the best women in the world sucking on his prick—if you believed him. He was an expert, not some teen just learning the ways of fucking and sucking.
 "Go, baby, go! God, I ... oh, shiiiiiit!"
 She felt his prick stiffen even more. It was just a matter of seconds before the hot rush of his cum blasted into her mouth.
 Her entire body went tense as his fingers clamped like steel bands on her tit. He was threatening to pull it off her chest. When he took
 the rock-hard nipple between thumb and forefinger, the hot lances of desire shooting like rockets into her chest took her breath away.
 She was so confused! She was actually beginning to enjoy this. But that wasn’t possible. He was abusing hen He was making her feel like less than a human being. No matter what it took to degrade her, he was willing to do it.
 She hated him. And she didn’t want either his cock or his hand to leave her tender young body.
 "My balls are aching. Suck good. I can feel the come moving down the length of my prick. Gonna be, ummmm, ohhh! Gonna be a second! It’ll all be yours!"
 She sucked harder as his hand tightened on her jug. She squirmed and tried to release some of the pressure on her tit. It wasn’t possible. He wasn’t going to let her go until he had gotten his rocks off.
 The nipple throbbed with a life of its own. Her cunt was beginning to water. She felt her nightie growing damper and damper where it rested against her crotch. This entire forced sucking was turning her on!
 She hated herself. She hated him. And she sucked even harder.
 When the blast of nun splattered into her mouth, she missed the first load. It arced back and hit her in the tonsils. The second, however, she smeared all over her tongue. She wanted to taste
 the salty, tangy, slightly acrid manseed spewing from his cock.
 He groaned louder as his cock convulsively fountained out the load held for so long in his balls. His once mighty prick died. He fell from her mouth, flaccid.
 She licked the last of his pearly white cum from her lips, then sank back to her bed. His hand finally left her tit. She was aching and uptight and confused.
 "You done real good, Melissa. I like a girl who knows how to follow orders. I’d better get back to your mother. She’s probably wondering where her lover boy has gone. Don’t want to disappoint her, do we?"
 With that, Jonathon was gone.

 For hours, Melissa lay in the bed, plotting revenge on this strange man who could make her love and hate more ferociously than she’d ever done in her brief eighteen years of life.
 Melissa was too frightened to tell anyone about her new stepfather and his antics. She knew he was a violent man. He had proven that on any number of occasions. Asking around among people who knew Jonathon had given her a grim picture of the man.
 He was a barroom brawler and used the knife liberally. It didn’t matter to him what the odds were when he was drunk. The more the merrier seemed to be his motto.
 He liked to hurt people. And Melissa was totally at his mercy. If she made a single slip and
 mentioned what he’d done to her, there was no telling what he might do to her.
 All the various options open to her were mentally wrestled with and discarded. The best idea seemed to be running away from home. She was eighteen. She could look, after herself. She didn’t have any particular skills but if worse came to worse, she could always go out and hook.
 It wasn’t the kind of occupation she would enjoy, but it would be better than starving to death.
 Or being humiliated to death by Jonathon.
 Melissa heard her mother and Jonathon fucking in the house on the living room floor. She had an urge to go in and pour boiling water on the man’s prick and see how long he could keep his erection then. But she wouldn’t. The man would certainly retaliate and do something she couldn’t avoid. The ideas of what he was capable of doing poured through her mind and made her shiver with fear.
 She seemed locked into this prison she’d once called a home. Why had her mother gone and married that bastard? If only they’d shacked up a while, then when they’d gotten tired of each other, they could have simply split. The girl could understand that. But to get married?
 It was stark stupidity and she was caught dead center of it.
 She sat in the lawn chair in the backyard watching the sun go down. Melissa heard the car
 start and back out the driveway. Turning, she saw her mother driving away down the street. She wondered what was happening. Probably nothing more than Jonathon getting thirsty and sending his trusting wife out for some booze.
 The alternatives chilled her to the bone. It could be that Jonathon wanted something a bit younger wrapped around his cock. And she was alone here with the man.
 The teenager started to get up and slide over the wall. But it was too late. The crunch of gravel behind her told her she had company, unwanted company. It was as she feared. Jonathon had come out to be with her.
 "There you are, Melissa. Come on into the house. I want to have a few words with you."
 "I’ve got nothing to say to you.”
 "I’m getting horny. I want some action. And I’ll just bet a pretty young girl like you could use some fucking right around now, too."
 "Not from you."
 Strong hands pulled her from the chair. She was pushed toward the house with rough shoves. She went along. How could she possibly fight off such a strong man?

 "Inside," he ordered her again. She could see the huge bulge forming at the crotch of his pants. There was no doubt in her mind what he had in mind. He was going to rape her again.
 It would have to be rape. She’d never willingly
 submit to a sex-starved beast like him.
 "Let’s go to your bedroom. I like the decor there."
 "Go to hell."
 "Hell, no. I’m going to fuck you. And that can’t be hell, no sir. Not with a tight cunt like you got, Melissa."
 She tried to run. She didn’t get very far before he slammed her against the wall. Twisting her around, he peered down into her frightened face.
 With his strong beer-breath, he snorted, "What’s wrong with you? You’re no virgin, though Heaven knows you got a damned tight cunt. What’s the matter with fucking with your old man, huh?"
 He was just drunk enough that the words were beginning to slur but not so drunk that she could fight him and hope to win. Resigned, she simply said, "If you have to ask, there’s no way I could possible tell you."
 "Good. Let’s get it on!"
 He pushed her into her bedroom and closed the door. He opened his fly and let the nine-inch cock snap to rigid attention. The ugly red fuck stick caught and held the young girl’s eyes. That cock was hypnotizing her like a snake charms a bird.
 No matter how hard she tried to look away, she couldn’t. The thought of what that prick was going to do to her sent cold tremors throughout her lithe young body. She didn’t want him fucking her—and yet she did. The confusion scrambling her mind
 helped paralyze her. She wanted that cock and she hated the man and she felt her cunt overflowing with lust and she wanted to run.
 All held her a slave of indecision.
 It was all it took for him to cross the room and roughly grab her. He threw her down onto the bed. She rocked back and forth as the springs took up the shock of her landing. Somehow, she landed with her feet flat on the bed, her knees spread just wide enough apart for the man to be able to see the tiny wet spot rapidly growing at her crotch.
 "Ha! I see you’re getting all wet for me. I like that. It makes fucking a whole lot more fun. Dry humpin’ never satisfied me, you know?"
 She tried to roll off the bed and found herself tangled up in the man’s strong arms. He pulled some rope from his pocket and quickly tied one of her wrists to the head of the bed. When she attempted to free herself, he managed to snare her other wrist.
 This was tied to the other side of the headboard. With her arms tied above her head, she was almost helpless. But he didn’t stop there. He wanted her completely at his mercy.
 A quick loop round her ankle was fastened to the foot of the bed. When he repeated this with her other foot, she was tied down spread-eagle to the bed, totally unable to move.
 "There," he said, proud of his handiwork. "That’s the way I like to see you. All eager and
 willing and waiting for my prick."
 "You son of a bitch," she sputtered. "I hate you! I hate you!"

 "Shut up or I’ll gag you with this." He pulled a roll of electrical tape from his pocket. She looked at it and thought of herself, being fucked, feeling the joys of lovemaking surge into her body, and being unable to shout out.
 She’d choke. There was no doubt about it. She couldn’t let him use that black tape on her mouth.
 "Please, no! I—I’ll do whatever you want!"
 "That’s more like it."
 A swift movement and. the switchblade knife was in his hand. He deftly cut away her clothing and she soon lay totally naked on the bed.
 "God, you’re prettier than I remembered. Such a nice snatch," he told her, his hand running lightly over her belly and stroking the fur of her pussy mound. When he shoved a finger deep into her cunt, she arched her back off the bed and groaned.
 "Yeah, nice and juicy. And waiting for my cock."
 "Get it over with? Hell, baby, this is just starting. Your mother’s not going to be back for a couple hours. A man can get mighty lonely waiting for his bride to return. You’re gonna supply me with a bit of company.
 He dropped down to the bed and leaned over to kiss the girl. She attempted to avoid his mouth but couldn’t. She was only able to turn her head a
 little, bound as she was. His lips crushed harshly against hers. She tried to prevent him from stuffing his tongue into her mouth but she failed.
 That wet, rough tongue stroked and caressed hers. And when he was panting from excitement, he worked his way back along the line of her jaw, his tongue licking the entire way. He came to her shell-like ear. Cock-hard, his tongue shot out and into her ear.
 The wetness of his harsh tongue made her cringe. And yet there was something else stirring inside her. He was turning her on. In some way she didn’t understand, she enjoyed being tied up like this, then fucked. It was perverse. She shouldn’t ever like anything like this and yet she wasn’t in full control.
 As long as he had her tied to the bed, he was calling the shots. Then why should she respond as she was? It was all too confusing. She had no reason to want his crude advances, but she did.
 As he sucked her entire ear into his mouth to tongue it, she felt the trickle out of her cunt turn to a flood. She was gushing out a river of fuck fluids down the inside of her thigh. It dribbled past her cunt mouth and down into the crack of her ass. It tickled, it made her hot for the man’s prick.
 "F-fuck me! I want you!" she begged. There was no conscious control of her words. They came gushing out like the juices from between her legs.
 He laughed. "So, you want my prick, huh? Good thinking, girl. It’s a big one but I’ll decide if you get it or not. Now shut up and let me have some fun."
 He kissed down her bound body until he got to her tits. Licking up and down the deep canyon between her jugs, he started up one slope. When he got to the top, he started playing with her nipple. His tongue pushed the hard little marble of flesh around until she was gasping.
 Her tits rose and fell heavily. The slight wobble spurred the man on. He tried to gobble up her entire left tit. He failed. But he left ugly red streaks on the snowy white slopes. His teeth had cut mercilessly into her soft flesh.
 The pain rocketed into her chest. Quickly, it drove out any pleasure she’d been feeling. The unexpected mixture confused her even more. Was this something she wanted? The pain wasn’t too bad. And, the pleasure was so stimulating she couldn’t forget it.

 Pleasure and pain mixed into an odd warmth spreading like melted butter throughout her body. She wanted it, she wanted pain. And she didn’t know why.
 "Hell, you’re getting off on this, you slut! I’ll show you!"
 He pulled out the electrical tape. She watched in horror as he tore off long strips of the sticky tape and pressed it into her tits. He made certain he
 covered her nipples with the tape. When it was firmly in place, he went back to licking and kissing around the edges.
 She didn’t know what he had in mind. His mouth felt so good on her boobs, she could have lain there all night letting him eat them. She sighed with contentment. No matter that the tape was prickly and burned just a little bit. His mouth on her boobs more than made up for it.
 Then red pain filled her body. He’d ripped off both strips of tape across her tits. Pulling delicate flesh with the tape, he’d opened a new doorway to pain for her.
 "How’s that, cunt?"
 His cold words shocked her. He enjoyed humiliating her. She knew that already. He also got a large charge out of hurting her. The pain in her tits was a testament to that. Her nipples pounded with pain.
 They were like twin beacons of pain for her. They throbbed and burned as if he’d tossed acid on them.
 "Why? Why do you want to hurt me? Just fuck me and get it over with!"
 "Too easy. All you teenagers have all the cock you want. You’re loose, girl, loose! You’d fuck anything with a cock. I bet you’ve screwed every dog in the neighborhood." He stopped and looked at her, an evil gleam in his eyes. "Every dog, huh? Hell, maybe I should find a dog and let it fuck you.
 Would you like that, having a dog fuck you? Imagine its slimy prick slithering all the way into your cunt. It gets excited and pants in your face. Then it shoots out its doggy cum into your cunt. You want me to find you a nice German shepherd, maybe?"
 Horror was written on her face. She was speechless. He couldn’t mean such a thing. Christ, he was her stepfather! What he’d done to her was rape and incest. And now he wanted to let a dog fuck her. What sort of a man was this?
 "You don’t like that, do you? Then I’ll keep going with my black tape. That seems to be more to your liking."
 He criss-crossed her belly with the tape. Then he pulled it off, one strip at a time. Everywhere it had been yanked off remained a bright red welt. When he had finished tearing the tape—and a lot of skin—off her belly, she was moaning.
 Not in pleasure, but in pain.
 "Why are you doing this to me? God, I hate you, I hate you!"
 He laughed at her. "Hate me all you want. Who’s tied down to the bed? And who’s going to fuck you silly?"
 He held his prick in one meaty hand. She saw only the ugly purple head staring at her. The cock was even larger than it had been. The man was getting his rocks off torturing her like he was. What else would he think of?
 He carried a cigarette lighter. The girl had seen war movies where the enemy would use lighted cigarettes on underarms and other places. The idea of having her clit burned by a cigarette made her numb all over.
 These were only some of the things he might do. With a house filled with modem appliances, he could fashion a torture chamber that would have made any torturer in history envious.

 With the toaster alone, he could do evil things. She tried to put such thoughts from her mind. The pain was slowly fading in her body. It wasn’t going to be much worse than it was already, she told herself. But she knew better.
 He’d left the room for a moment, then came back clutching a short length of broomstick. It wasn’t more than a foot long, but the young girl’s mind refused to believe he was going to do with it what she feared.
 "Not as thick as my cock, but my little friend and I are going to really pleasure you this time."
 He grabbed a handful of her ass and lifted. Her hips came off the bed as he slipped the broken broomstick handle under hen She felt the rounded end push between her asscheeks. Then it split her apart and gouged deep in her asshole.
 She screamed again and again. The pain was unbearable. The girl simply couldn’t tolerate it. She was sure she’d go mad from the agony ripping into her asshole.
 "So, the bitch knows what pain is like. Good. And now, now, I’ll fuck that sweet little cunt of yours.
 He jumped onto the bed. The rocking motion drove the broom handle even deeper into her ass. Her world was filled with searing, red pain. She couldn’t think. Her entire body was writhing in agony. Nothing had ever felt worse. She couldn’t imagine pain so unending.
 Then she knew real, horror. He was kneeling between her wide-spread legs, fondling his prick. He was pushing it toward her gaping cunt, He was going to fuck her—while the broom stick was still up her ass!
 If he balled her now, he would ram that broomstick all the way through her body. His weight alone on top of her would drive the wooden stick deep into sensitive tissue.
 She felt the familiar tingle as his cockhead touched her pussy lips. The sensations of pain were momentarily forgotten as pleasure seeped into her ravaged body. It was odd. She was hurting, bad, and now pleasure was beginning to erase the hurt he’d given her.
 But not for long. When he rammed his prick all the way up her juicy cunt, the broom handle worked its way deeper into her asshole. The pain and joy blended together in her head. She couldn’t tell one from the other.
 "Oh, Christ, what did I ever do to you? WHY?
 "Because you’re a loud mouthed bitch, Melissa, that’s why. And you got the tightest twat I ever fucked. God, but you feel good around me."
 His prick began working back and forth in her cunt. She didn’t understand why her twat continued to froth over. She was creaming just like she enjoyed what he was doing to her.
 Getting fucked, sure, she enjoyed that. But the broom handle up her ass WUS torture. The pain was driving her out of her mind. She could barely handle the agony assaulting her loins.
 Still he fucked with slow, deliberate movements. His cock spread her inner tissues wide. He stretched her cunt walls to the breaking point. And he felt damned good buried balls deep in her seething cunt. He was a man with a huge cock. He could satisfy any woman with that pussy pleaser.
 Why did he have to torture her? He seemed to get some perverse enjoyment from it. The more her face contorted in pain, the faster he fucked her. His cock was scaring her cunt walls. The friction mounted. He fucked with all his strength, rocking her back and forth on the bed.
 Even the bed springs seemed to conspire against her. The rocking motion drove the broom handle even deeper into her asshole. She knew the damned thing

 had to be a good four inches up her rectum by now. The pain was worse than any she’d ever felt before. It was worse than if he’d shoved a
 broken bottle up her rear.
 "Don’t! I beg you. Don’t do this to me! I can’t take any more. I—I’ll pass out!"
 "Go on, slut. I’m going to fuck you anyway."
 He showed her he meant it. His hips pistoned in and out of her cunt until she was burning from the fucking and the broom stick up her ass. The girl was screaming now, screaming out her torture.
 He ignored her. If anything, he was enjoying the sigh of her agony. He fucked with long, deliberate strokes that carried him crotch to crotch with her. When their bushes touched, he ground his into hers trying to get an extra inch of penetration up her pussy.
 Normally, the teenager would have enjoyed this. Not now. Hands numbed from lack of circulation, her legs feeling lead heavy, the, broom handle inching into her guts, she was being humiliated by an expert.
 Her tits burned with the inner fire of abuse where he’d put the black electrical tape, then pulled it off, There seemed to be no part of her
 body that wasn’t hurting. "Ungh! Oooooh, stop, stop."
 He didn’t stop. If anything, he fucked her even faster. He was a blur over her body as he drove his nine-inch spike of cock into her yielding twat, He reveled in the way he was debasing her. She was defiled, humiliated. And he loved every second of it,
 For reasons locked up in her body, the girl found a sexual tension mounting. As he slammed repeatedly into her cunt, she let the feeling of impending orgasm build. Then the floodgates of her desire ruptured.
 She climaxed.
 Her entire body shook. Then there was nothing but pain left in her world. The broom handle was cutting into her ass with fierce precision. The welts across her belly and tits were standing up in red relief, painful and throbbing. Even her cunt ached. She was stiff and sore from being spread-eagled on the bed.
 He stopped fucking her and gazed down into her face. "You did get off on it. I thought so. God, I never saw such a perverted bitch in all my life. Tied and raped and you enjoy the hell out of it!"
 She began crying. He was right. She shouldn’t have gotten her rocks off. But she did. And she hated herself for it.
 Jon’s cock danced around in front of his body. She may have gotten off on the bizarre, pain filled fucking, she he hadn’t. His prick was still as long and rigid as ever. The gleaming cunt juices on it told exactly how much fucking had gone on.
 Her twat was still frothing with her fuck fluids.
 And her ass still burned from the broomstick shoved into it. The weight of her body drove it in even further. She tried to hold, herself off the bed and keep her weight from making it worse, but she was only partially successful. When his weight crushed down on hers, she’d damn near been
 impaled by it.

 Melissa hated the man more than ever. He wasn’t human. And no animal she knew could ever think up such a horrifying torture.
 Had he known she would come? If so, that made what he did even more despicable. He had actually used her body to turn traitor against her. The forced fucking was bad, the torture worse, but worst of all was the feeling she had for herself. All self-esteem had fled.
 She was defiled, degraded. She hated herself almost as much as she did the man who’d done these things to her. If she had been able to, she would have killed herself then and there.
 It wasn’t possible, though. Not with her hands bound and her feet securely fastened to the foot of the bed.
 "Hmmm, I guess I got to get my rocks off some way. That cunt of yours is tight, I’ll give you that. But it doesn’t seem like you got your heart and soul in the fucking. Maybe I’ll have to try a tighter passage."
 "You bastard. You filth. You..." she kept up a steady string of increasing nasty things. It seemed to relieve some of the hatred she felt. The words meant nothing but it was the best she could do, tied up as she was. Deep down inside, she secretly hoped he would kill her. That would put her out of her misery. And eventually, he would be arrested and convicted of the crime.
 It was the only way she could ever get back at him. He was too strong and masterful for her to strike back in any other way. He could take what he wanted—and did.
 "I’m going to shut you up this time. I’m sick of that foul mouth gushing out that filth."
 He pulled a strip of the black tape and fastened it over her lips. She felt the sticky tape biting harshly into her ruby red lips. Knowing how it would hurt if he yanked if off, she subsided. It wouldn’t do her any good to try and force the tape from her mouth. It was- there to stay until he decided to remove it.
 "There, you’re quieter. I like that. But that broom stick. Christ, you think of the damnedest ways of masturbating. Hell, I’m going to show you what a real cock feels like up your asshole."
 He smiled as the horrified look flashed across her face. He couldn’t fuck her up the rear! He couldn’t! She had never taken a man up there before. And the way her asshole burned from the broom handle, he would rip her to shreds. She’d bleed to death!
 "So you like the idea. I can tell. You’re shaking all over in anticipation. At least I have to guess that’s what it is. You don’t seem to have a hell of a lot to say right now."
 She struggled against her bonds. The rope was tied in such a way that the more she fought, the
 tighter they pulled. She could feel the rope cutting hard into her tender flesh. Kicking produced the same results. Her legs felt like lead now. And the tension in her belly was pure muscle strain. Keeping that broom handle from digging deeper into her rectum was a full time job.
 He bounced the bed and watched her squirm even more. The rocking motion threatened her with sudden impalement by the broomstick. She hated like she had never hated before. Her eyes blazed with fury at the man’s action, then he laughed out loud.
 "This is fun! FUN! Hell, your old lady is a drag compared to you."
 She guessed he liked to pull the wings off flies, too. It was the kind of sick thing that would appeal to him.

 "Here, lemme get that out of your ass." With a swift yank, he pulled the broom stick from her ass. She didn’t know if it had hurt more in her or when he pulled it out.
 The hollow feeling up her ass surprised her. She hadn’t like it one bit while the wooden rod was shafting her. But she needed something up her asshole to stifle the pain then. Something like his cock.
 He used his switchblade on one leg. The sudden return of circulation to that foot was sheer agony. The pain was almost worse than having the blood cut off. She couldn’t imagine what he was going to
 do. Then she found out. He had his roll of tape out again.
 She tried to fend him off by kicking with her free leg. It did no good. Her reflexes were too slow. He draped a long black strip of the tape squarely across her snatch, She groaned as the tape picked up her pubic hair. Then he yanked hard tearing away the hair from her snatch.
 Pain lanced into her cunt. She spasmodically twitched on the bed. And before she knew it, her freed leg was bent double against her chest, his arm forcing it down. And his cock was driving hard into her cunt,
 The pain of his entry took her breath away. He seemed to know all the right things to do to give her the most discomfort.
 Having her leg bent against hot tit like it was tightened her twat. She felt the slick tunnel collapse against his driving prick. Tracing every outline of his cock was now easy for the girl. She let the huge head of his prick surge all the way into her cunt before tightening her stomach muscles even more.
 He groaned, then said, "That’s it, Melissa. Gimme all you got!"
 The purpled hood of his cock was deep inside her. Without the shaft of broomstick driving deep into her asshole, she was able to concentrate on the nice feelings assaulting her body. The pain was still there but she could ignore it now.
 He was fucking her like a woman should be fucked. His cock was working in an impossibly tight, well-greased cunt. Sheathing his prick repeatedly, he built up a warming friction between his prick and her cunt walls. She could feel every single bulge and line on his cock as it worked its magic in her pussy.
 The purpled head of his prick threatened to stretch her to the breaking paint. Just behind was the thick shaft. It was pulsing with lust for her. Every time his heart beat, she could tell. The cock was doing a wildly erotic dance in her cunt. The skin dragging back and forth on his prick was enough to stimulate both of them.
 In addition, the girl’s tit was mashed by her knee. The man was holding her bent double like a hairpin. She rubbed her smooth leg across her tormented nipple. It felt good. The bliss covering her soothed and erased all the pain of the tape being pulled off.
 Even her pussy mound was forgetting the feel of that terrible black tape. The act of pulling her pubic hair out wasn’t all that bad—if she got the full length of his prick afterwards.
 The only drawback for the girl was the way he slammed forcefully into her cunt. He carried her hard against the one rope still binding her leg. She felt like he would pull it out of its socket if he kept fucking her the way he was.
 "I—I feel funny inside. I’m coming! Oh,
 The orgasm wracked her body. She let her cunt convulse around his buried cock. It squeezed down on him like a fist in a velvet glove. He was experiencing

 her inner heat, now he could feel the full force of her cunt. If she couldn’t burn him to a nubbin with her twat, she’d try to rip his cock out by the roots.
 He grunted but kept fucking.
 Then her twat was empty. He had pulled out.
 "Wh-what?" she asked numbly. Her brain was still glazed from the come.
 "You disgust me, bitch. I should have known that fucking your slimy cunt wouldn’t be enough for a man. I’m going to butt fuck you. It’s the only hole in your body tight enough to satisfy me."
 Still dazed, she wondered what he was talking about. Her cunt had been virgin-tight around his prick. She knew. She’d felt it.
 He surprised her by dragging her free leg up to the head of the bed. He lashed her ankle and wrist together. She moaned with the pain of being twisted like this. Then she really knew pain. He cut her other leg free and tied it in the same way to her other wrist. She was completely pretzeled now, her knees on either side of her head.
 By rolling back onto her shoulders, she was able to take a little of the strain off her belly. Seeing this, he used his remaining rope to tie her down to the bed. She was totally at his mercy now, her cunt
 gaping open for him to do whatever perverted things he wanted.
 "I don’t understand why you’re doing all this to me," she moaned. Her body hurt in more places than before. She’d never known such pain was possible without going stark raving mad.
 He smiled as he peered down at her bound form. The girl’s twat was gaping wide open. He stuck his finger in and began wiggling it around, feeling the sluggish flow of her cunt juices.
 "See? No matter what I do to you, you enjoy it. You’re a slut. A goddamn whore! Admit It! Admit you get off on this!"
 The girl shuddered and tried to keep from crying again. The pressure on her belly was too much to bear. With her legs bent double as they were, she felt like a permanent crease was being put into her slender body. But what bothered her the most was that, in a totally perverted way, she was enjoying all this.
 No matter how brutal he got, she enjoyed what he did to her!
 She hated him, but she wanted more. She didn’t understand. How such a thing was possible confused her. With the pain to keep her constant company, she was eager for any momentary pleasure given by the man’s prick.
 That it was her stepfather’s cock only added to the kinkiness. The girl actually looked forward to that added touch of perversity.
 She gasped when his cock drove hard up her cunt again. She could feel it following the curves of her belly, wandering around inside her to finally drive directly into her gut. He fucked her fast for a couple seconds, then the horrible empty feeling returned.
 He’d pulled his cock from her cunt.
 "Do it! Fuck me, damn you! I can’t take it! I just can’t take this any more!"
 "So you want my cock, huh? Okay. You’re going to get it—good! All the way up your ass!"
 She shivered when she heard the words, but there was nothing she could do to stop him from driving that steely hard cock all the way up her ass. She was completely at his mercy and he had no mercy to give.
 The teenager screamed in pain when the huge purpled knob of his prick smashed into the tightly held anus. The tiny ring of muscle collapsed under the attack. His huge cock drilled deep in her back passage.

 In the bent-double position, she couldn’t move to relieve any of the pain she now felt. It was bad enough having the circulation cut off in her hands from the ropes. The cunning knots prevented her from ever hoping to untie them. And the way he’d bound her legs over her head, then strapped her down to the bed to prevent her from rocking backwards, was diabolical.
 Now he was butt fucking her. And she couldn’t
 do a thing about it except take that powerful cock up her asshole.
 "Not then, please, oooooh! Noooo! It burns! Your cock is burning me up!"
 "It’s supposed to, baby."
 "Stop before you hurt me! You’re tearing me a parrrrrt!"
 She couldn’t speak any more. The words jumbled up in her throat. The pain hammering into her body increased tenfold. The man’s cock was fucking so far up into her ass she knew it would come out her mouth. The long prick stirred emotions deeply hidden in her. She couldn’t get away from that probing prick no matter how hard she tried.
 She was tied up and had to endure every degrading instant of the cornholing.
 "God, your ass is even tighter than your cunt. How do you do it?"
 He was rhythmically fucking her now. His strokes were powerful; each one set fife to her delicate inner membranes until she knew he was ripping her apart. Nothing less could produce such intense pain and friction. She was melting inside from the heat of his cock rubbing against her ass.
 She tried to clamp down on him, to stop him from fucking her like he was doing. This only seemed to spur him on. She felt the muscle of her asshole collapse around his thick cock. The huge prick was bigger than ever before. She could feel it
 spreading her asscheeks, then disappearing up her ass.
 When the girl tried to move, it only worsened her plight. She was firmly pinioned to the bed. No amount of struggling would free her. She was her stepfather’s captive, now and forever.
 "Squeeze harder, damn you!" he gasped. "I love the feel of that hot asshole all around my pecker. Makes me even hornier for your steamy ass!"
 She felt a tide of passion rising inside her. She tried to hold it down but it did no good. Denying that she was turned on by this degrading butt fucking did no good. She came.
 Her entire body convulsed and the powerful spasms of orgasm hit her. She forgot how she was being used and abused for a moment. Then she was back in the bed, a puddle of sweat surrounding her, her legs tied high over her head. The only consolation she could find in this humiliating buggering was that the man had removed the broomstick from her ass.
 Using that to make anything else he did seem nice made her mad. But tied up as she was, mad didn’t count for anything. She was his prisoner—his sex prisoner to do with as he saw fit.
 And at the moment, all he wanted to do was fuck her sweet white ass. His cock was twisting and turning inside her, corkscrewing around until she was unable to control her own emotions much longer.
 "So fucking tight!" he gasped out. "Gonna come. Can’t keep it inside me much longer."
 His balls had tightened into a hard little sphere dangling under his long prick. When he stared butt fucking the teenager, the sperm and semen locked

 inside had begun to boil. The churning tumbled his balls and made him feel like a pressure cooker.
 As he drove his needy prick into her ass, the heat and friction worked their magic on him. Never had he found a hotter pit to fuck into. His entire cock was surrounded by fuming lava. Her very body was trying to melt him down into a puddle.
 And the friction of his cock against her rectum sent tremors all the way down into his balls. It was getting harder and harder to keep that fiery tide of his cum from blasting out and into her ass.
 When he came he was going to give the girl the sexiest enema of her, life!
 He wanted to make certain he got his rocks off in a big way. No little dribble come for him, no sir. This was going to be BIG.
 Twisting and turning as he fucked her upturned ass caused his cock to respond. It grew perceptibly. Swollen with lust, he completely filled her tight, clutching little back passage. Her asshole was closing around his cock like a hangman’s noose.
 Then, as he drove balls deep into her fuming asshole, he came. His balls jerked once and then he erupted. His white jot jism geysered out and into her ass.
 She might have come when he did. He couldn’t tell. And it didn’t matter to him. All these young teens were the same. Sexually, they enjoyed anything with a cock. He was just claiming what was his by right. Melissa’s old lady was good in the sack, but nothing like this hot ass.
 And it was all his.
 Now and forever, he’d have her mother all night long, then fuck the living hell out of the girl during the day. The tight cunt, the slender legs to wrap around his waist, the perky tits that flopped and moved just right to turn him on—all this was his!
 His cock turned liquid and flowed from her ass. He looked at it, then at the bound girl. He smirked. The job he’d done tying her up was a masterpiece. Her cunt and asshole were visible from all over the room. No matter how she struggled, she couldn’t escape him. With her hands bound and her ankles tied so tightly she couldn’t move, she was his prisoner.
 The feeling warmed him, made his cock stir a bit. This surprised him. Never had a chick made him hard again so fast.
 His cock jerked about halfway up and then trembled. It was too soon. But even so, he knew it wouldn’t be much longer before he could fuck her again. Seeing all the goodies spread wide in front of him, he was going to have a hard time choosing which he wanted to fuck.
 Her cunt? It was tight and looked inviting. But that wasn’t anything he hadn’t done before. He enjoyed the feel of her juicy cunt all around him, squeezing down and massaging his prick, but that was old stuff.
 The teenager’s tight asshole held promise. But he’d just finished shooting his creamy load of jizz up her ass. The girl’s rectum would still be whitewashed from the cum.
 Her mouth was a decided possibility. The girl knew how to suck cock. Or maybe he could fuck her tits. They were crushed flat by her legs right now, but he could take care of that. The relief in
 the girl’s body would be tremendous. She’d hardly notice when he gripped her tits, pulled them together into an artificial cunt and then fucked through them. She might even like it.

 He couldn’t decide. All those seemed to be worthwhile things to do to her. His cock was stirring again at the thought of what he might do to this cunt still tied up on the bed.
 "Please let me go," she begged. "You’ve done all you can to me."
 "I have, huh? Well, let me show you a thing or two!"
 He picked up a coat hanger that had been discarded on the floor. Using the long, stiff wire across the bottom, he applied it to the girl’s upturned ass. A fiery red welt appeared on her snowy white flesh. Continuing to whip her with the coat hanger, he soon produced a crass-
 cross pattern all over her butt. The red welts glowed with an inner fire that stirred something inside him. He had to give her more of this!
 Every time the coat hanger fell on her tautly stretched skin, she winced. The pain was tremendous. She didn’t know why she couldn’t pass out from it. The spanking he’d given her had been mild compared to this. The warmth of the spanking had spread throughout her ass and made her hidden nerves respond more fully to the fucking he’d given her.
 It was driving her out of her mind. The entire lower half of her body burned. When he began applying the coat hanger to the tightly stretched muscles of her upper thighs, she did faint. But she regained consciousness in a few seconds.
 "I’ll do anything you want! Why are you doing this to me? Why?"
 "I know you’ll do what I want. Trussed up like you are, you don’t have any choice. But this? I’m doing it because it turns me on. I like seeing you smug young cunts punished."
 She couldn’t even ask him what the punishment was for. The words were caught in her throat. Even when he stopped whipping her with the wire coat hanger and lightly touched her legs with his hand, she flinched. The touch was similar to having acid tripped onto her flesh.
 He wanted to humiliate her. He was doing a damn good job of it. No matter what she did now, it wouldn’t possibly remove the memories of this whipping. The butt fucking had been bad, this was worse. Being tied up on the bed and then fucked—raped—had seemed to her the worse he could do.
 She was finding out the depths of the man’s depravity. He was unable to slow down. Her very presence made him try more and more perverted, obscene things.
 And she was the one on the receiving end!
 If only she could escape!
 "See my cock? It needs some of your mouth love. Suck my prick!"
 He thrust it over her mouth. She could just barely reach the flaccid prick with her tongue. As she strained upward, her neck muscles knotting in pain, he moved away. Not much, but enough to keep her struggling upward.
 Tied as she was, this was ripping her muscles apart. He seemed to delight in the girl’s attempts to suck on his prick.
 She finally managed to suck in the limp penis. Her tongue whirled around the purpled tip until it started to grow in size. The cock was about the size of her thumb. It rapidly doubled until it was pressing firmly against her ruby lips.
 He moaned. She began sucking even harder on his prick. If she could only get him off again, he might leave her alone!
 Her tongue worked everytime. It darted here and there, touching, stimulating, caressing, until he was fully erect again. His long prick danced with lust inside her mouth. The taste of it made her breath come faster.

 Looking into the man’s tangled bush, she could see how her hot, gusting breath made the mat of pubic hair twitch and wiggle. It was as if some erotic hurricane was blowing through it.
 Most of all, though, the girl felt pain. The muscles in the back of her neck had tightened to the point where she could barely hold her head up.
 The strain all across her shoulders sent knives of pain jabbing into her upper arms.
 And being bent double as she was didn’t help her circulation any. Her cunt was still widely gaping with her legs pulled brutally back and tied at the head of the bed.
 If it hadn’t been for the tasty prick she was sucking on, she could have died of shame then and there.
 That long, meaty cock, though, kept her sane. The taste of it made her mouth water. She wanted more of it. Her tongue weaved an erotic pattern all over the thick, bulky head. She played with the tiny flap of skin hanging down under the tiny pin-prick hole at the end, and the man began to groan loudly.
 "Damn, you got the suckingest mouth I ever saw. Keep doing it to me. Love the way your tongue moves on my cock."
 The way his prick bounced and jerked, she knew he wasn’t lying. But it was an easier command to give than to obey. Her neck muscles failed her. She had to collapse back to the bed. It simply wasn’t physically possible for her to keep sucking on his cock.
 The man was enraged.
 "Bitch! Cock teaser! You play with my prick, then stop when I get hot! I’ll show you!"
 He began whipping her again with the wire coat banger. When it bent around her curvy ass, he
 dropped it and picked up his belt. The thick leather strap formed huge mountains of welts on her bare, tightly stretched assflesh.
 The room was filled with the sound of his belt striking her unguarded skin. Where once the wire-caused welts had been, now there were huge, wide bands of ugly red flesh produced by the belt. The man seemed berserk. He couldn’t stop whipping her.
 She began to cry. Her entire body was one huge bundle of agony. Her tits hurt where the tops of her thighs brutally crushed them. She would have moved but she was too firmly tied on the bed. Her hands had long since gone numb from lack of circulation. And her middle was permanently creased, of that she was sure.
 Now, he refused to stop whipping her with the belt. The leather was beginning to draw blood. She could feel it trickling from the wounds on her once snowy white ass.
 The sight of the blood spurred the man on. He became a machine intent on giving pain—nothing else.
 The one thing the girl could never get out of her mind again was the sight of his cock jerking at full erection. He was getting a sexual charge out of beating her.
 And she understood, in part, the feeling. What he was doing to her was the most humiliating experience in her life. Her stepfather was making
 her suck his cock, making her beg to be fucked. And every time he whipped her, it was an odd, perverted combination of pleasure and pain she felt. She hated him and loved him at the same time.

 Suddenly, he stopped. Taking his prick in hand, he climbed back onto the bed and jammed himself into her lewdly gaping cunt.
 She felt his prick shoot all the way up into her cunt. The entry was so quick, it took her by surprise. She shuddered, then felt the familiar stirring of lust deep inside. No matter what he did to her, the girl’s cunt was always ready for cock.
 He began fucking her. There was no technique to it. He simply stuffed his prick in and then pulled it out as fast as he could.
 The girl didn’t care. Her body was screaming in pain. This was pleasure. It helped erase all the things he’d done to her. The feelings of goodness spread throughout her belly as he continued fucking her. His prick spread the pussy walls and spread her thick inner juices all around the mouth of her cunt.
 She could almost believe this was an ordinary fucking. Shutting her eyes and blotting out the pain, concentrating only on the good feelings of his cock fucking deep into her pussy, she could imagine this was Grant.
 Good Grant, gentle Grant, scared for her, a little scared by her. She allowed a smile to fleetingly
 cross her lips. To have Grant in bed with her, fucking her with his battering ram of cock, that would be heaven.
 Then she felt the prick slip from her twat. She realized then that her boyfriend wasn’t in bed with her. This wasn’t the ideal screwing. She was being raped by her stepfather.
 "Ungh! I can’t take it any moooore!" she shrieked as he stuffed his cock into her ass.
 The tiny anal sphincter had clamped down hard when the man had begun fucking her cunt. With the suddenness of a summer storm, he had pulled out and smashed his way into her asshole.
 The pain filled her once more. Gone was the faint beginnings of pleasure she’d felt. Now there was only a red sea of pain.
 He was abusing her again—and loving every second of it.
 Only her hatred for her new stepfather kept her going. She wanted to kill him worse than any other person in the whole wide world. Nothing simple. She wanted lots of pain to go with it, pain to show him what he was doing to her tender, young body.
 "You like this, don’t you, cunt?"
 "I hate you! I hate you!" she screamed.
 His only reply was a laugh. She knew then he wasn’t going to stop humiliating her. Never. She could live to be a thousand and he’d be around making her feel like a pile of shit.
 She tried to accept the anal rape. The friction
 built up in her loins. The man’s cock was stirring all the right emotions but she was so tired she could no longer respond. Only pain greeted his driving cock as he plunged deep into the heat of her ass.
 The puddle of sweat in which she lay spread. Her entire body was covered with perspiration. Trying to get away from the wet sheets wasn’t possible. She was too tightly bound. Her wrists allowed very little room for movement and the cunning fashion he’d bound her ankles prevented her from moving at all. She was helpless. Whatever he wanted to do to her, he could.
 With a lewd wet plop, he pulled free from her asshole. Standing up beside the bed, he towered over her.
 "Suck on it again. I want to feel your lips sucking off your own shit."

 He shaved the prick down into her mouth. She turned her head away but his fingers savagely tore at her hair. It was less painful to suck his cock—shit and all.
 The girl licked and sucked and soon had the man’s cock bucking with intense desire. It wouldn’t be long before he blew his wad. She could tell by the way the, cock seemed to expand under her tongue’s caresses.
 The swollen length of prick managed to grow even more as she teased the acorn-like tip of it. The purpled hood spread a bit wider and the wild
 jerking increased until she could barely keep his prick between her lips.
 She wanted to bite his prick off, but she knew better than to try that. He was in control. He could make her do whatever he wanted. And if she refused or made any trouble, he was in the position of being able to punish her severely.
 His hands brutally gripped at her tits and threatened to pull the hard nubbins of nipple off. He was turning mare and more animal-like as he continued. She wished she could get him off in a hurry. The girl was beginning to fear for her life.
 Up to this point, he had been content with playing mind games. Everything he’d done had hurt, but the pain had been more psychological than physical. Sure, she hun—bad. But she could live with it.
 Now, he was beginning to enjoy seeing blood flow. Her bottom was well brutalized by the belt.
 She could still feel the thick red blood clotting on her buttocks. And the way he’d fucked her told that he wasn’t above using that broomstick for things a lot more painful.
 Anything goes. And he was calling the shots.
 His cock stiffened, then gave a hard jerk. His hips went wild and he began stuffing his cock into her mouth, face fucking her.
 This was it. She sucked hard. She had to milk him of every drop of his tasty cum. It was small reward for all she’d put up with, but it was better
 than nothing.
 But he was going to deny her even this little pleasure. He yanked his prick out of her ruby lips, then jetted his cum into her face. Spurt after creamy spurt of his jism splattered onto bet cheeks and eyelids. When he had matted part of her hair, his cock simply collapsed.
 He had come in her face, not her mouth. He had cheated her once again.
 "That’ll do for now. I think I’ll go rest." He started to leave.
 "Wait! You can’t go off like that!"
 "You want more? All right. Later. After I’ve had a nap."
 "Let me loose! You’ve used me, now let me go!"
 "Later," he said, turning to leave. "Maybe."
 The girl lay in her twisted position for another two hours before he came and let her loose.
 Never in her young life had she hated a man more and been able to do so little about it.
 "I don’t believe your stepfather did all that to you, Melissa," Grant said. They were sitting in his parents’ living room, alone. Grant’s mother and father had gone to the movies and his older brother was out on a date. Only in such privacy did Melissa feel secure enough to actually tell him what had happened to her.
 "Why should I lie to you?"

 "I don’t know. Hell, I don’t see Jonathon any more than you do, but I can’t believe anyone would do such awful things."
 She fumed for a moment, then decided. She
 would show him. He couldn’t possibly deny the evidence.
 Standing, the girl began stripping off her jeans. The look on Grant’s face told her he had something else in mind than show-and-tell.
 "You just stay put. We’re not fucking tonight. I can’t. And I’m going to show you why not."
 Mutely, he watched as the tight denim jeans dropped to the floor. The girl’s legs were covered with ugly bruises turning every color of the rainbow. Thick yellowish-green splotches circled her ankles where she had been bound to the bed.
 When he caught sight of the tortured ass, he said, "Christ! I-I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry I doubted you. That motherfucking bastard is going to pay for this!"
 "How, Grant?" she asked softly. "How are you going to make him pay? I’ve thought and thought. I can’t do a thing to him."
 "The police! We can go to the police. They’ll help."
 "Like hell they will. It’s his word against mine. And who’d believe kindly old stepfather Jonathon would do this to his nubile young daughter? No one, that’s who. The cops would laugh me out of the station."
 "No, they wouldn’t. They ... they couldn’t!" Grant said with more determination than foresight.
 "Do you think I’m going to parade in there, drop my pants and let them look me over? They’d
 get a kick out of it, then they’d kick me out on my ass. I know how they work. Hell, even in rape cases, they get their rocks off making the victim out to be the criminal."
 "Yeah, maybe you’re right, Melissa. But what, then? Jonathon can’t go unpunished for this!"
 She smiled. She was beginning to love Grant’s sincerity, the way he actually cared for her. No one else in the whole world said the things he did. And he meant them. She could believe he loved her, too.
 "Time will cure all wounds, as the saying goes. But God, I wish something could cure me of the pain here!"
 She looked down at her pussy. The red lines where he’d hit her with the wire coat hanger were still visible. They crossed her pussy mound and decorated her cunt lips with violent streaks.
 Grant whistled in a low, heartfelt whistle. "Christ on a crutch, I never realized . .”
 "It’s okay, Grant. Really. I just wish I didn’t have to put up with it again. But I will."
 "How can I get out of it?" she asked. "Look, be reasonable. I’m not old enough to have anyone believe Jonathon has done this to me. Hell, they would be just as likely to blame you and make it stick. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. Especially you."
 They looked into each other’s eyes for a
 moment, then melted together. Their lips met and crushed fiercely together. Soon, the girl felt a gentle nudging against her ruby red lips. She parted them a little and the boy’s tongue came rushing into her mouth.

 There, tongues dueled. She was soon panting as a rough, pink tongue stroked and caressed across hers. She returned the gentle massaging motions with her own.
 Before either knew it, they collapsed to the floor and were locked in a passionate embrace. As the rough carpeting cut into the girl’s still tender. ass, she flinched.
 "Sorry," she said, drawing away from Grant.
 "I understand. If only I could help..."
 His voice trailed off, then he suddenly stood. He walked to the bar and came back with a bottle of white wine. She looked up at him, unsure what he had in mind.
 "On your back and spread those pretty legs. This is going to be a feast for both of us."
 She knew then what he intended doing. She smiled as she obeyed his command. She said, "A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou."
 "And I’ll be fat, drunk and in trouble," he finished.
 She winced as the cool wine flowed across her heated pussy lips. The alcohol burned wherever it touched the savaged cunt lips but the healing soon took effect. The coolness made her relax for the
 first time since her stepfather had done this horrible thing to her.
 And when the boy’s mouth clamped onto her wine soaked snatch, she knew she’d found paradise.
 "That’s great, Grant, I love it!" she cooed.
 She let the ripples of delight pass throughout her body. It seemed an eternity to the girl since she’d felt this good. Sex was good, fucking was the greatest thing ever. But what had been done to her shouldn’t have been done to a dog.
 The teenager had actually come to think of fucking as something which must have pain along with it. Grant was slowly reeducating her. His tongue was dancing all over her super-heated cunt. It dragged roughly along one ridge of pussy lip and then pressed firmly into her cunt hole.
 She shivered but she wasn’t cold. This was the way it should be. To have his mouth sucking and licking all over her twat was something she’d missed. To. have thought a belt or a wire coat banger whipping her across the cunt lips was proper foreplay was sick.
 His mouth on her clit was heaven.
 She felt his lips close over the tiny nubbin that was the center of all her pleasure. The boy’s tongue worked the spire upwards until it was firm and erect. No longer protected by its sheath of flesh, he was able to pull it into his mouth.
 Real pleasure began for her then. His sucking
 sent tremors earthquaking through her. The tiny needles of pleasure jabbing into her belly found banked fires. Soon, the tiny fires had blazed brightly into desire. And the desire was threatening to consume her.
 "Tongue fuck me good," she begged. "I want to feel that tongue all the way up my poor little cunny!"
 He didn’t answer. He had other things to do with his mouth. With a jaw cracking dexterity, he had managed to worm his tongue deep in her cunt. He caressed the slippery walls of her cunt. The fuck fluids had beaded and were awaiting his eager tongue to slurp them up.
 "It-it tickles! So far up my cunt! It’s super!"
 His nose burrowed down into her pussy mound. The tangled mat of her bush rubbing against his nose made him want to sneeze. He held it back. His tongue

 was finding more interesting places to explore. He couldn’t possibly take the time out for something as common as a sneeze. Searching out all her innermost secret places was vastly more important.
 The wine he’d poured over her snatch added a zesty flavor that had been lacking before. Mixed with her cunt juices, he felt like he could slurp up these tasty fluids all night long.
 "That’s what I like. Your mouth all over my cunt! Do it to me! Tongue fuck me until I come!"
 He began driving his tongue cock-hard in and
 out of her pussy. He loved the way his tongue slithered into her cunt. The walls would tense and try to squeeze down on him. Most of all, the heady taste of her cunt juices spurred him on. He wanted more of her woman wine.
 Fastening his mouth over her cunt hole, he sucked as hard as he could. She felt as if he were drawing her guts out her cunt. His sucking pulled first one then another of her pussy lips into his mouth.
 And once there, he trapped the turgid flap of labia between his lips and sucked for all he was worth. The feelings blasting into her body were so intense she knew it would be only a few seconds before she came.
 Breath gusting heavily, her tits rising and falling like a turbulent ocean wave, her entire body was caught up in the tongue fucking. He drove that spike of tongue into her softly yielding body as hard as he could.
 Each thrust sent her a little closer to the brink of orgasm. Faster, deeper, his tongue was unrelenting. He pushed her all the way to the edge of her orgasm, then moved his mouth over her clit.
 As he sucked and pressed down on that delicate organ, she came. The top blasted off the girl’s head as she rocked and twitched through the biggest come ever.
 "Ummm, ooooh, God, that was good," she moaned as the ice and iron grip of climax released
 her. "Do it to me again."
 "Yes, damn you, again! I want to feel that mouth eating my pussy good. Suck my clit, tongue fuck me, whatever! But get me off again!"
 "Greedy bitch," he mumbled, but he dived back to his task. He enjoyed it as much as the girl. It took damned little prompting for him to stuff his face back into the wide spread pussy.
 The wine had long since gone from the girl’s pussy mound. Every strand of her bush had been licked clean by the teenager’s avid tongue. But he made certain it was all properly removed. He began at the girl’s navel and worked his way down into the tangled bush.
 When his tongue had entirely dampened the girl’s pussy fur, he sought out her clit. The tiny nubbin was throbbing with life. He sucked on it until she came again. As she arched her back and shoved her pussy into his face to get even more of his mouth love, he saw his chance to give her a really big thrill.
 His tongue slid over her cunt juice slickened pussy lips back toward her asshole. He dipped briefly into that hole, waiting to see what effect it had on her.
 It was electric.
 Her entire body came alive. Thrashing around like a fish on a hook, she tried to stuff her twat into his face. Nothing mattered to her now but the

 delightful sensations ripping through her body. This wasn’t pain, this was sheer pleasure.
 Her cunt was again giving her the messages of delight. No pain, just joy of having a mouth working all over her cunt. As soon as her fuck fluids welled out of her cunt, they were licked away by the boy’s pink, rough tongue. Everything was perfect.
 She realized again how much she hated Jonathan for what he’d done to her. He had stolen from her the richest gift a woman can have enjoyment of sex, of fucking, of tongue fucking. Even oral love had lacked a surge of thrill for her after he’d finished with her.
 Now Grant was restoring her sense of wonder. Her body was responding. Her cunt was flooding with her love juices. And as he touched her asshole with the tip of his tongue, she was almost able to forget what it was like being anally raped or having a broom handle crammed up there while she was being fucked.
 Only bliss was left as his tongue slithered into her shit chute.
 "Do you have it now?" she asked Grant.
 The teenager looked a bit worried. "I guess so. But if I’m just a few minutes off, Christ, you could get hun."
 "Don’t worry about that. Just think of us getting even with him. And if you see what he tries to do to me, that’ll convince you I’m right." She sidled closer to Grant and rubbed her hand over the swell in his jeans.
 "It’ll be just you and me afterwards. It’ll have to be. He’d have the cops after us in a flash."
 "I guess I can handle that, Melissa. With all the
 friends I have in the communes, we can just vanish. It might not be easy for a while, but Jonathon won’t be able to find.
 The girl felt a grim satisfaction in her plan. It was risky but it was worth it. She would have her revenge, all right. And Jonathon wouldn’t be able to go around molesting any more chicks—ever.
 "You won’t back out on me?" she asked Grant. "I can make things very, very nice for you if everything goes according to plan." She pressed closer to him, her hand sliding down the front of his jeans. She found his cock stiff and pulsing with life. Fondling it a little gave her such a contented feeling.
 She guessed what it was doing to Grant. One thing for sure, the way he was wiggling around, he wasn’t contented. More like excited.
 "I won’t screw this up. You mean too much to me, Melissa."
 "Good. See you in a little while. After it’s over."
 He nodded and she quickly kissed him. Then she ran into the house. There were things to prepare.
 She changed into a thin nightie that requited no imagination whatsoever. Standing in front of the mirror, she admired herself. The bruises had begun to vanish. With her tits poking impudently against the thin gauzy fabric, she could turn heads and give hard-ons to any red-blooded man who saw her.
 She patted down the nylon over her snatch so that her cunt lips were visible. The thick fur of her
 pussy mound was more than obvious—it was blatant. She was a walking invitation to rape.
 Satisfied with the way she looked, the teenager quickly pulled a tiny envelope from her purse and poured the powder in it into a drinking glass. A quick rush of water and the powder dissolved. Tasteless, colorless, it was just

 the thing she needed for her little scheme. Her only problem was figuring out the exact amount to use.
 As she worried over the powder, she heard the front door slam. Jonathon was home.
 "Where the hell are you, Melissa?" he shouted. She could tell he was drunk again by the way the words slurred.
 "In my bedroom, you lousy son of a bitch."
 "What! How dare you call your ole step-daddy that?"
 He stumbled into her bedroom and stopped dead in his tracks. Everything was working according to the girl’s plan. The man was eyeing her with outright lust how.
 "Goddamn! You’re sure a hot bush, you know that? Let’s fuck."
 "That’s what I just simply love about you. You’re so subtle. ‘Let’s fuck’ is about the best you can do, isn’t it?" She pulled the thin nightie around her, knowing that it would expose her ass as she pulled it close.
 The man was having trouble focusing his eyes. He didn’t know where to look. Should he drink in
 the youthful beauty of those tits? They were such perfect cones thrusting out firmly from her chest. And. the red nipples on each tip were hard with lust. God, he could make a meal of them, gobbling them up, savoring them as he sucked and licked.
 But if he did that, he’d miss out on that smear of pussy fur covering her crotch. And just below that was her pinkly scalloped pussy lips. He could imagine the fuck fluids already flowing—and all for him. To bury his cock balls deep into her cunt and fuck merrily away was his idea of heaven. He remembered well how tight and seething hot the girl’s cunt was.
 He hesitated. If he started fucking her cunt, what about her sweet ass? That should get some sort of attention. Those gentle curves and fuming hot depths deserved to be fucked, too.
 It was too hard for him to figure out in his drunken condition. He’d just tie her up on the bed and fuck everything. He had all day. Her mother wouldn’t be back for hours and hours.
 "Come here," he said.
 Melissa made him chase her, but the outcome was predictable. He trapped her in one corner and caught up her wrists in one meaty hand.
 "So you’re still struggling, huh? You oughta know better by now. Let’s go over to the bed where I can really tie you up like you should be."
 He lashed her to the bed with sloppy knots. She struggled and felt as if she could slip free, given
 time. But she didn’t want to escape. Not yet "What are you going to do to me?"
 He licked his lips and looked at her. "I dunno.”
 Those legs look so damn good when they’re spread,
 I guess I’m gonna fuck hell out of your cunt. Yeah. I want to feel those legs on both sides of me."
 "Could you give me a drink of water?" the girl asked, trying not to sound too anxious.
 He looked at the glass of water with the powder in it. Smiling, he picked the up and quickly drank it all himself.
 "None left." He threw the glass into the corner. The girl wanted to laugh out loud. This was exactly what she figured would happen. The sleeping powder should go to work on him any second now.
 "Spread those pretty legs, Melissa. The old man’s got a hard-on that’s hurtin’ him bad."

 The girl was amazed. The knock-out powder didn’t seem to have any effect at all on him. A thrill of fear rushed through her. What if the powder didn’t work at all? She would be trapped and helpless. He could do whatever he wanted to her!
 "No!" she yelled. "You can’t!"
 "Hell I can’t." Strong hands grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs open wide. Her snatch gleamed damp and ready for his cock. She hated the way she always responded when he tied her up. She wanted him to fuck a dry hole, but knew that
 wasn’t going to happen. Her cunt was already flowing over with her love juices.
 The bed bounced as the man edged closer and closer to her. His plum-tipped prick nudged against her delicate cunt lips, then he was surging all the way up into her twat.
 She gasped at the sudden entry. There was no technique, no finesse in the way he screwed. He either fucked all out or not at all. He started slamming hard into her body. Their crotches met and ground together in a wet squishing noise.
 She wanted to cry. At least this time he was fucking her without torturing her first.
 The worst torture of all for the teenager was knowing that her plan had failed. The sleeping powder hadn’t worked.
 He fucked rapidly into her clutching cunt. The friction mounted and the girl started breathing heavily. The rubbing of his prick against the juicy walls of her cunt thrilled her more than she was willing to admit. No matter that he was raping her.
 She didn’t want to be tied down to this bed, having her stepfather fuck her. But she was beginning to enjoy the rape. Her body was responding in all the same ways as if Grant had been the one stuffing his meaty, swollen cock into her seething hot twat.
 "God, Melissa, you’re gettin’ to me fast today. Room’s spinning around and I feel sorta dizzy." Jonathon’s cock slipped out of her cunt and he
 simply rolled off the bed onto the floor, dazed. The powder had finally worked! "Grant!" she yelled. "Hurry, Grant!" Her boy friend came in through the bathroom
 window. He looked at the moaning body on the rug and then to Melissa trussed up on the bed. He made a move to untie the girl, but her quick words stopped him.
 "Tie him up first. Hurry! I don’t know if the powder is working right or not. It took too long!"
 Grant rapidly tied Jonathon’s hands behind him. A loop circled his feet to keep him from running away.
 "Do you have the block of ice?" Melissa asked.
 "It’s in the bathroom. Don’t worry about that. It’s just ... well, do you really want to go through with this?"
 "Yet" Her single word was cold. "He raped me again."
 "God, if only..."
 "Don’t worry, Grant. He’s going to pay for it. Damned if he isn’t going to really pay for what he did."
 The two of them managed to get Jonathan’s stirring body into the bathroom. In the bathtub was a large block of ice, slowly melting.
 "I’ll get dressed and grab my things. Here’s the spool of threat."
 "Christ, Melissa, this is fishing line. Nylon. It’d take a ton to break this line."

 "I know. Do it. Or do you want me to?"
 They did it together. Jonathan was beginning to came to his senses. When he woke up he found himself standing on the block of ice, the fishing line tied around his balls and cock.
 The other end of the fishing line was securely fastened to the shower nozzle. If he moved a scant inch in any direction, the nylon thread would cut into his balls.
 "What the hell are you two doing? " he demanded.
 "Leaving, Jonathon, leaving. Have fun," said Melissa, scorn and hated in her voice.
 "But ... but when the ice melts, it’ll cut my balls off!"
 She closed the bathroom door to silence his screams.
 "Think we’ll be followed? The cops, I mean?" asked Grant as they entered the expressway.
 "Ummm, who knows? Who gives a fuck?" She was fondling his balls. A quick zip freed his cock. The long red cock poked its purpled head up, asking far attention. She dropped down to the teen’s lap and sucked in the tip, thinking of the new life that lay ahead for her.


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